Clay Cantrell (31 Oct 2011)
"Eleven and the USA, Ron Reese"

Readers -

Ron Reese's interesting article

addresses the number Eleven from various angles.

it reminded me of an article from February 2011 that I posted found here:


in case it leaves the server at some point, here is the text:


Clay Cantrell (28 Feb 2011)
"The Eleventh Hour and the USA, Matthew 20:9"

Readers -

Will Schumaker in his current posts motivated me to look at the parable in Matthew chapter 20 of the Vineyard owner, the labourers and the Eleventh hour. you can read the whole parable for yourself.

here is Matthew 20:9
"And when they came that were hired about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny."

I wondered if the Eleventh hour had anything to do with the 9-11 event which I have posted about many times. not only due to the 11 which was the day, but also due to the Twin Towers which stood as a giant number 11 on the eastern gate of the USA.

it also occurred to me that we are in a year ending in 11, i.e 2011 for those who don't know what year it is. ; >

Matthew 20:9 has ten words in it.

The sixth word is Strong's 1734g = hendekatos = Eleventh

(special note: there are Ten Patriarchs in Genesis 5, Noah is the Tenth, and Jared is the Sixth. I have a spreadsheet that links these to Patriarchs to 9-11)

curious, I checked the running gematria total through the target word "Eleventh", whose in-text value = 443. this is the sixth word.

that total =

    1776  !

this really startled me, it was so accurate. 1776 means only one thing on this planet. it stands for the USA.

 it appears this means that the number Eleven IS associated with the USA.

it is therefore not unreasonable to think then that 9-11-2001 started the Eleventh hour.

that was the LAST hour that workers were hired for the vineyard and they only worked ONE HOUR because that is all the was left. night was coming when no man could work. when the hour was up, and the 12th hour was reached, then the Master settled accounts and "whatever is right, the workers are given".

this begs the question, if the above theory is correct - then where are we on a timeline if the Eleventh Hour started on 9.11.2001?

what hour (time) is it?