Clay Cantrell (21 Oct 2011)
"October 20, 2011, Gadhafi, Polonium and the number 1793"

Readers -

after a hurried analysis on the evening of 10.19.11, which I can only attribute to the Spirit of God as I don't do much number analysis these days, I sent two email friends an email that evening. Though the data I sent doesn't seem to have anything to do directly with Gadhafi, I did feel there were enough pertinent number appearing to indicate that 10.20.11 was a "marked" day. Those who study such things some recognize some numbers.

here is the (expanded) text of the email:

"i've done totals like this until i'm blue in the face, but i thought i'd pass this one on to you about 10.20.11.

i read MJ Agee's discourse on the 8th day of Tabernacles, that's tomorrow, thursday, in the USA.

it's 1793 inclusive days from 11.23.06 Polonium 210 murder victim death (Alexander Litvinenko) until 10.20.11.

a Polonium event was anticipated in October 2004 and arrived 2 + years later on 11.23.06 due to the presence of 9-11 numbers found in the boiling points and melting points of Polonium, the 84th element, and Enoch hebrew gematria = 84.

1793 is a very interesting # made up of notable things


2011 - 1793 = 109 x 2 !


1793 - 416 = 1377

1377 inclusive days is the total from 12.5.97 (visitation started) through 9-11-2001.  Jared greek gematria = 416. this matches 1 Thess 4:16 verse "the Lord Himself shall 'descend...' ". Jared means Descend.

go further

    1377 = 1123 + 254 (day # for 9-11)


1793 = 911 + 254 + (157 x 4)

that one is particularly notable as all those are clear 9-11 numbers."


in addition to that info, i'll add the following:

210 was the isotope number of the polonium 84 material used in the murder of the former Russian spy, Litvineno.

if the date 10.20 = 1020, and the starting point for the day count (11.23.06) is valid then the following base conversion seems relevant:

528 decimal = 1020 octal = 210 hexadecimal

ties Polonium 210 victim death on 11.23.06 to the date of 10.20.11 which was marked by Gadhafi's death.