Clay Cantrell (14 Oct 2011)
"Strong's matching Testament numbers and The Anti-christ"

Readers -

this is my theory only. I think Strong's Old Testament numbers and New Testament numbers match IN CERTAIN INSTANCES. like planets that align on dates.

Strong's 1841h = Daniel

Strong's 1841g = Anti-christ

this seems to accurate to be dismissed casually. Daniel's writing clearly deals with the Anti-christ figure. I don't believe the AC's name is Daniel though.


Strong's 726h = Syrians

726g = Harpazo, Caught up from 1 Thess 4:17

I think the general consensus among Bible Prophecy scholars is that the AC will be 'revealed' (his clock starts) when the Rapture takes place.

on this scant evidence I theorize the AC to be a Syrian, but there are others who also believe this. I understand many on this site believe the current president of the USA is the AC, but I simply cannot get there, which is neither here not there.