Clay Cantrell (14 Oct 2011)
"Dream of the Worm and the USA"

Readers -

here is another short, but clear dream I had about two days ago:

i was looking at a map of the USA. a very long, brown worm with a distinctive white head/segment moved east to west across the USA, on a path that bisected the USA into two equal halves, top and bottom. the worm was longer than the width of the USA.

when the head of the worm got to the west coast, it went down a open man-hole that was located where Los Angeles is now. when it started to go down the man-hole, it's tail end was still in the Atlantic ocean, that's how long it was. it cimpletey split the USA into two parts, horizontally.

the dream ended as it began to go down the man-hole.


I can't know this dream is from the Lord, just like the leopard dream - but it was clear and unusual, and in my experience, dreams that are from the Lord are clear and remembered easily in detail.

Stuxnet has been in the news all year, maybe it's related to that kind of 'worm'. computer based. i'll just keep my eyes open for some related news story.