Christine H (28 Oct 2011)
"Prayer Request"


I don’t post often but have been a daily reader of this site for years.  In the past I have asked for prayer for different reasons and have been blessed because of your prayers.  I have been meaning to send this prayer request for some time.


Please pray for my niece Kate, she is 31 years old and for over a year now she has had a serious lung problem that the doctors can’t diagnose properly.  She has been on oxygen at various times and is now currently on steroids to help her lungs.  She is overweight and trying to lose weight but the steroids don’t help.  The doctors say she needs to lose the weight before she can be considered for a lung transplant.    My prayer for her is that her lungs are healed and there will be no need for the transplant.  My niece is a Christian and has had people praying for her, but knowing the power of prayer through five doves I knew I had to ask for you prayers.


Please know I pray for all the requests that I read on this site.