Christina (21 Oct 2011)
"Lubbock Sand Storm - also hit where I live- Interesting radar"

 The Lubbock Sand Storm also hit where I live.
It was almost dark when it hit us. I looked out the window just as my husbands parents called and asked if it hit us yet,,,,, I looked outside and was like OH My!!
It was soo dark and the wind,, I can't say this did not scare me. I just kept reciting scripture and praying. I haven't ever seen anything like it. The wind was so strong that it was blowing away our patio furniture. My step son ran out side to try and save it and got blasted and was home sick the next day. When me and my husband looked at the radar to see this,,, at first it looked like a line of a storm blowing over us,, I thought I am so glad this is almost over,,, wrong! A few minutes later we went back to check the radar again,,,, and it was showing, the actual radar, it looked like a nuclear bomb going off, the image of it on radar. I have NEVER seen anything like that on radar.
(You've seen nuclear bombs go off on t.v., showed exactly that)
Waiting for Him!