Charles (6 Oct 2011)
"To TO and Doves dream"

I am trying to do the same thing you are TO. I have sleep Apnia so just in the last year or two getting treated am I really getting rested and dream. I think the Lord convicted me to go and get a Cpap. Well I had a revelation that Jesus is delaying but shortly coming everyone expected him on the 29th. Alot are now being scoffed at for trying to warn. I think we got the signals exactly right that this was a plan by God to see who is really dedicated to watch and keep the patience of his faith. I stumbled out of despair and for a day said oh well another year and started going about things then realized how empty I felt to others it's like oh maybe he will get over this now but to me watching was the anchor of my soul keeping me on Jesus. I think he is coming in days or a few weeks I feel we will not see November. I pray more go home and I am found worthy and watching. The horror for us is going on in a world we see no future or hope in. The horror god the world is what we say is really true. Most Christians are not watching not aware not awake and we want to separate from the Lacadonian church.  The time has come for us to abide in Christ and you are my fellowship.

I had a strange dream last night need some interpreting! I was married to a woman black and white outfit. I was engaged to two other women black and white outfits but not married. Another woman and her fiancé came by she was all dressed in white and sat on my lap and showed me her outfit it was all white and pretty! She asked me if I liked her silver nail polish it sparkled! I said yes and I was drawn to her white outfit from head to toe I looked back and noticed all three other women looked alike and where white and black! I asked myself why am I getting two other fiancées I cannot I am already married then I woke up! Mmmm