Charles (31 Oct 2011)
"Humanity failed"

I told my wife I may take the 11th off I cannot fathom working that day. I have taken three days off to watch my son and two to watch for Jesus I have like eight left we did not go anywhere and she rolls her eyes like we could use them this spring for a vacation I started to Tick off why she should maybe be concerned like the UN Vote and the tsunami drill she got red faced and said your really continuing I said all I said was I'm going to take a Day since you questioned why I thought I was free to explain. She said I really to not care and do not want to hear you. I said you should well you get it my actions are free to be questioned but I am not aloud to use biblical reasons to defend myself there is no foundation of understanding this from a woman who spent fifteen years attending a Christian united Methodist church and taught vacation bible school. Without watching and studying and praying the spirit is quenched there is no discernment this is the state of someone after fifteen years of church how does the unchurched have a clue? Watch therefore and pray you may be accounted worthy to escape. They do not watch because the world blinds then fifteen years of church according to mans traditions worthless the worlds wisdom worthless the holy spirit and it's unction to truth worth everything. When the foundations have failed what can the rightous do!