Charles (31 Oct 2011)
"I hope I helped one person and we both meet in heaven"

Well it's the night before Halloween and more importantly the night before the Unesco vote in the UN to admit Palestine as a member state. I cannot watch football anymore it's all such a melodrama like it's the most important thing in the universe. Meanwhile you cannot talk about the Euro failing and the imminent stock market crash or the why of the EAS nationwide takeover of the airwaves on the 11:9 the tsunami drill on the 11th the volcano in the canaries about to blow the asteroid coming in on the 9th to the 11th! Hello did anyone see deep impact? People are Christmas shopping Noahs ark was not a fairy tale there is geological evidence of the flood at the grand canyon! I asked my wife to pray a prayer with me she asked why I said to ask Jesus to help us watch and prey to be accounted worthy to go when he comes. Her answer a fifteen year church Christian in the UM church no I am not supporting your mind games. There it is  the signs we are seeing the fact that God said not to divide his land or provoke His wrath is simply just well they do not know the bible do not watch do not trust any news not on CNN and the mainstream churches are for a palestinian state so we are just all seeing something in our minds that Is not there to see. My son told me tonight his teacher told him Harry Potter was not evil. Thing is my sons teacher my wife pointed out to me was Christian when I got upset when they were being taught lotus yoga positions in preschool! Seriously our own professed "worldly wise" Christian wouldn't want to offend anyone who does not believe in Jesus Christians and the Lacadonian churches they attend are our own worst foes in trying to warn people to get watching and praying and personally right with Jesus and actually read the bible because he is literally coming like he said and the rapture is their only hope. If the churches were spirit filled they would be seeing the signs and warning the flocks not planning the new building fund campaign while reading the message from the pulpit! The atheists are seeing stuffs about to hit the fan on YouTube and other non left behind news services like CNN! They just do not have any Christian friends explaining what it really means because get it most do not know or watch or believe all that end time stuff in the bible! Wake up it's past too late! Please Jesus commanded us to watch because the spirit shows us guides us to the truth. If you ate not watching and know the signs of Jesus coming back how can you say they are not occurring? It's double speak because if what we are saying us true they are in trouble nothing this world is telling them to care about is true its all a deception designed to keep them blind to truth that will set them free. So because they want this not to be the case they scoff at the message and Messanger! It's the same group think that will walk the Lacadonian church right into the one world religion and convince people that chip they want to put in you to buy or sell is not really that mark thing! It is and you cannot profess Christ and drop money knowingly in a collection plate that supports the division of Gods land! Can you? I could not. Well there you have it we are trying to warn our family members mine are catholic Greek orthodox unpracticing Protestants on paper or just whatever liberal PC but it's all according to the traditions of men not read the bible. So I because I saw Gods mercy and know his word is true and his son Jesus Christ is truly the only hope any of us have the only bridge to God and that this whole world lies in darkness try and shine the truth on the light we need to be born again washed clean in baptismal rain by the blood of Jesus Christ and put on the new man not according to the world and be transformed by a renewing of our mind! We must watch and pray and study His word so we can know when He is coming and warn others. I handed out bibles today and this guy took one and I said good he said yeah I needed one I lost mine at church well I am glad I gave a brother one but I hope someone out there gets this is not a fairy tale that if the holy spirit of Jesus does not abide in you and you are not found watching and praying when he comes well you do not want to be here when they say peace and safety and the mountain falls into the sea and the burning star into the ocean and the pit to the abyss opens and the new agers think 11:11:11 is when they evolve the average Christian has no idea this say is when they vote to revolt against God in the UN openly by dividing his land that football game you stayed up for or that Hot Yoga oxymoron christian yoga class means nothing if it caused you to tune out and miss the signs and Jesus came upon you like a thief! I hope one person out there gets it because the Holy Spirit thankfully keeps making me get it I have been seeing 11:11:11 for months can you understand we are not playing games in our mind we are seeing the signs we were told for two thousand years to watch for and frankly with fear and much trembling trying to mortify our flesh by the spirit are trying to warn you out of love. True Christian love is not sugarcoating the truth so it tastes good it's bittersweet sorry but it's time to turn from this world us going on and a politician will fix it train of thought to Jesus is the way the truth and the light and the only way to heaven side road!