Charles (3 Oct 2011)
"Just hanging on"

I really thought in the spirit this was it I had dreams the dream of us in sleeping bags seeing the plane fall then the NHL plane crash, the meteors falling well 19 meteors have fallen. Now I hear of massive solar flares coming the next two days the third part of my dream my wife getting burned after the fact I see now my picking up my son and heading towards the gate means these three things have come to pass but still have to continue on. I admit I used all my strength just to hang on till Rosh Hashanna! I was so in the spirit witnessing now how do you the scoffers feel more secure I think Elenin and the woman were signs just not the gate yet like my dream. There are videos showing niberu is after the comet by 188 days that's the quake cycle so we all go whew then the destruction comes and Jesus comes when most have given up watching or thinking like around April next year You know when the AC and a peace treaty pops up. So we saw signs just not what we thought yet. The problem is a said in my soul I have to hang on another year. The world does not want Jesus to come back. They do not want to repent of The worlds ways. I walked into a restaurant for takeout and fifty people are in line all on their cell phones like zombies. I said my God is this what we have become our cell phones tv sports entertainment etc they give us idols to worship and even Christians do not get it. I do and am trying to turn away. I do not watch tv, am ignoring sports,Try to use my phone for Godly things like reading five doves. But I am stuck in the world I have to work and I see an economic collapse coming all our Worldly things burned up but everyone wants me to work and maximize my 401k for what to give them more to take remember 1929. I if here will have nothing by not taking the mob which is in the mandatory healthcare bill a class two implant we will have all our data on. So see I have to work to eat but I see no value in what I earn long term. Do you feel let down you are still here? Spent that the scoffers are lording it over you? Knowing well it's still
coming. I in my sadness drifted to looking at worldly videos and entertainment on the net for about two seconds but found No entertainment in the world so went back to watching I am sorry I have sinned in feeling crestfallen and am trying to go on. The world loves sinful entertainment and movies i feel like crying Jesus did not come although I am thankful I have more time with my son. I am lonely surrounded by a world of people I am scared I do not have enough strength to finish the race I have been watching fifteen years please pray for me I have no fellowship except the doves and Jesus. He is there I just do not know what to do I read the purify your soul website but the world wants me to follow it. Halloween I know Christian alternatives yeah right I have a five year old and my wife's a teacher no matter what I say my son is going to wear a costume so he does not be a stand out. Imagine how many Christians will get their healthcare chip out of peer pressure. So in a nutshell I am a little frustrated I see what's coming how few care how hard it is to continuously mortify the deeds of the flesh and keep watching in a world that wonders at you because you do not run to the same degree of excess with them. I was at a golf tournament for work and the only one not drinking the 18 free beers. Trying to be sober and watchful for the lords coming would not even been an explanation the church going Christians would have understood. So I got no one to talk to about my feelings see this whole world for the dead end trap it is and almost fell into sin and despair and have something I was convicted of at work that will make life here even harder! The Fact is I am scared of my flesh being tired of being at odds with a whole world yet being stuck here having to still overcome.