Charles (29 Oct 2011)

Well need more proof everything was staged and planned out before you were born and while the saints were being lulled to sleep with soothing words from purpose driven bible message paraphrases and watching TV while eating their GMO dinners from Walmart drinking their blue koolaid made with the finest fluoridated water we have the few who are watching been seeing 11:11:11 for months on my oil change sticker right in front of my face every day! Oh yeah the new one says 12/3 really! Ok let's sum up when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes and they shall not escape! The EAS takeover of the airwaves 11:9 the tsunami drill in the pacific 11:11 the el heirro volcano having 3.0 now right on the volcano at a depth of 12 miles! See my oil change date!!! Oh yeah the crystal skulls touring the USA at the end of the Mayan calendar ending up in LA on 11:11:11 who wants to rent battle LA and Deep impact and Indiana Jones legend of the crystal skull and then go see Melancholia and get large blue Koop aids together and then sing Kumbuya with everyone on a rooftop in LA while we hum the theme to independence day and watch the pretty lights? No not me I am banging on the door saying Jesus let me out and we get up and go to work listen to talk of how everyone went to hot yoga the night before and what a great workout and you sit at your desk reading about the Palistinian vote and picture nick cage in knowing except drinking a bottle of whiskey will not help and charging around will not change anything and it's impossible to Segway a conversation from hot yoga to Christ is coming and sudden destruction to a world who got their chuckles in in May or the end of September. Seriously the vote is on 11:11:11 anyone who thinks we will veto it is deluded I do not want to be here to see! Seriously someone said we would all just know the 11:11:11 date the day Saturn the beast the NWO is born they vote a Palistinian state at the UN and declare open rebellion to God and the world will be dancing on while what YU55 el heirro Hoover dam? All three what are we supposed to just get up and go to work the 9th the 10th the 11th? You a zombie or are you awake?