Charles (29 Oct 2011)
"Here it is!"

Well the situation is this. The Mayans are going around with their crystal skulls. The canary island of el heirro had a 3.0 dead center of the volcano. There is something up with the 11:9 emergency broadcast there is a tsunami drill in the pacific 11:11:11 and I can at most get a tidbit of news In to my wife before getting threatened she can arrange not to hear. She said if i think I have to tell her stuff to be saved she absolves me she wants to talk about normal things like my sons upcoming birthday in a month and when i think in my head he may not be here and she sees the glaze in my eyes she says eyes count also. She has it backwards I am trying to warn whom I can because God commands it and has mercifully opened my eyes bit not to save me! They think it's about us even worldly Christians who never read more then a snippet of the bible. That's why they can scoff or mock us and soothe unbelievers when we warn because they have no knowledge of what the bible says other then sound bites and they will not pick it up to see for themselves when you tell them. Or they have a translation watered down where they translated off the corrupt Egyptian translation and corrupt vulgate translation or they just do not believe all of the bible just what God says about love not judgement. Do you know they unspoken rules are be PC focus on the important go to work make more electronic money you cannot access when the grid goes down unless you tele the chip. I feel it is ridiculous we have to walk according to this worlds wisdom hey sock away more in your 401k work overtime it's worth it! I cannot make progress when the foundation is not there. You cannot drop a grain of truth in a field that is full of weeds. But a mustard seed on faithful soil prepared and watered in the spirit and grounded in the word will grow. People it's going to be worse birth pains until the birth 11:11:11 but the world will be buying and selling marrying and eating and drinking right up to it. They will be scoffing us watching and right on things going on right up till we are gone and then it hits. The world will believe the aliens took us etc. I just cannot take it much more. I am understanding my wife has believed in Jesus in her heart due just sees nothing wants to hear nothing and focus on this world. I see the lies the snare coming and cannot focus on building more barns for my grains. I just want to make sure my foundation is on solid ground the rock of Jesus so when the flood comes my house will stand. Was that another analogy of Jesus that was literal also unless we are grounded in Jesus when this flood comes we will be washed away? The tyranny is on the surface everything seems normal to them they want to watch dancing and the NFL focus on the stock market yadda yadda. I know now it's all a distraction and lie and just want to go home and see my family safe and I took the red pill but no one around me wants to open their eyes from the sleepwalk of our daily gerbil wheel. It's like your in a room full of drunk people and your the only sober one and they do not realize they are drunk because they think the problem is you need to drink the koolaid and dance with them. You just notice the room is flooding and everyone should get out but you are stuck because Jesus has the key so you stand at the door and wait trying to stay out of the way of the drunk people. I keep trying to drop red pills in their blue koolaid but then it gets spilled out and sloshes on the floor!