Charles (29 Oct 2011)
"Unesco vote on Palistine state admittance 10/31/11"

I met a Christian who was watching today and we were so excited to meet we sat and spoke and shared spontaneously. He said 99% of people do not want to listen to the truth he is right. It was amazing to meet in person another Christian watching and sewing seeds and seeing the signs. I gave him slot of information and he confirmed in me alot. His wife is on board with watching I told mine tonight that I was sharing with her because I wanted our family all to be raptured that she was not watching and does not have the foundation to see what is matching up to bible prophecy. She said like ok honey in that I know you think you believe what your saying but were still here everything is still going on. When you get your news from the tv and your Worldview from well the world group think you are in serious trouble! It's like Jesus Brothers like who are you we saw you grow up until he tied and appeared to them this other Christian and I ate meat together I am trying to squirt baby formula down my wife's throat spiritually speaking she understands the basic message but does not grasp the seriousness of not conforming to walking in the vanity of this world mind. Oh yes the unesco is voting on admitting Palistine October 31st! If they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them but when November 1st or when this leads to the security council I see a 9-5 vote in favor with the USA obstaining allowing the creation by proxy satisfying neither side then on 11:11:11 it all goes south! Could from the 31st to the 10th be ten days of increasing tribulation then rapture as the wrath comes down. If we split Israel our nation will be split see 2010thevountdown videos on Tsunami. Ask yourself why Jesus said make your foundation on solid ground Jesus the rock or else your on sandy ground and when the flood comes the ruin will be great. Ask yourself why psalm 32 councils the Godly to seek Him when he can be found ie before the rapture and the flood will not come near thee? Lastly why does st John the divine catholic church picture new York being swept away in a flood built in 1997? This is all public information a ten year old could find. 11:11:11 is the end of the 21 day delay after tabernancles when Saturn is born and the Palistinian state and the nwo is birthed and you know who is cast down. They are telling people in 11:11:11 because then people have no excuse before God to say how could they have known! Jesus said to study to be a workman approved Christianity is not graded on a curve it's 100% or 0% and we cannot pass the test on our own but guess what God made it an open book test Jesus got 100% God said it's ok copy his answers. If you do not see 99% are totally clueless about the UN votes and their significance and I am referring to those in church pews not the world it's 100% oblivious and that 99% are unaware of the underwater body bags their tax dollars paid god this summer it's all just a chuckle right and the tsunami drill in the pacific on 11:11:11 people say oh it's not real because it's not on CNN but when you provide them links to a real news story they never read it burying your head in the sand only places you on the beach on sandy ground time to leave the 99% and make Jesus the rock anchoring your soul in heaven!