Charles (26 Oct 2011)
"A fit vessel your only hope Christ's Blood"

You are either a vessel of wrath fitted for destruction or a vessel of God fitted for eternal life through habitation of the holy spirit. Why did Jesus have to die for the worlds sins. Because his blood washed our vessels clean made us new wine bottles for the new wine the holy spirit oh God. You see the flesh dies it was corrupted by the sin nature at the fall of Adam the ability to do real righteousness foes not exist in us apart from abiding in Christ. This is what the world does not want to believe or hear because if so as stated apart from repenting from their dims and clinging to the blood atonement of Jesus death on the cross walking in it there is no hope. Man wants to believe he can chart his own path to God but corruption cannot inherit incorruption flesh cannot spiritually obtain eternal life without the spirit of eternal life dwelling in it mortifying it's deeds so the spirit may live even though the body is dead. The thing is new wine must be put inna new wine skin the only way to become a new skin is to be born again to have the holy spirit seal you and the blood of Jesus clean you of all sin. Therefore through repenting and believing on Jesus as your lord and savior that is you make him lord turn your life over to him and walk in his words and believe that his blood saved you and his resurrection is your promise as well you are made to be a fit vessel for the holy spirit and if you walk in the light of this truth you will serve in the newness of spirit because you have laid hold to the hope of salvation if you have not done this there is no hope of eternal life because that life had to come from Jesus and dwell in you by his death sin was put to death in you by washing in his blood symbolized by water baptism after your faith has set seal god is true you follow through your washed clean a new fit vessel with hope. We cannot save ourselves physically or spiritually Jesus is the ark Jesus is my Lord and savior it's not about oh we are better we are all filthy rags without Jesus blood washing us clean. It is with fear and trembling in humble fear of the Lord and the truth of the hopelessness of eternity and this world without Him I ask you to stop stop scoffing and understand when God created the Earth he made it perfect he made Adam and Eve fit vessels for him to dwell with he gave us the deed to Earth. The evil serpent tricked us out of our inheritance and corrupted our vessels we are born without hope excerpt Jesus died to restore our rightful place in the heavens and as man and God through his coming back with the title deed he is reclaiming the Earth. Do you want to be a sheep or a goat? The bible is coming true right before your eyes do not let Dancing with the Stars or the NFL game and this world distract you from so great a salvation. Do not let those who do not want to offend say all paths lead to God because only Christ's blood paid for and Saves from sin! Jesus is the way the truth the life no man may come to the father through him. You have a choice believe this or not the bible is coming true and something horrendous and great may be occurring shortly the rapture and wrath. You cannot save yourself but by accepting Jesus blood already was and is shed to do so and the only payment that will be received. Go buy the pearl of great price it's free you just have to keep it on you and value it over everything else without this pearl you cannot pay for the escape to heaven Thats coming. Only Jesus saves please get in the lifeboat now or stay on the ship until the light goes out and it's too late.