Charles (25 Oct 2011)
"We need group discernment"

With this whole watching and rapture thing it's like a 7,000 piece puzzle we are putting the last few pieces in and we each have one or two we can help through the spirit everyone to see the puzzle completed. This 11:11:11 thing my credit card renews 11:11 my wife's registration expired 11:11 seriously I am a slow dumb man but even I am getting it please keep showing me though! On this issue with the nationwide test on 11/9 ele-nine? The asteroid yu55 coming in the movies coming out 11:11:11 us all seeing this number and now it's a possible rapture date per Gerry and his great discernment thing is he tied the pieces I was given together in a new way that renewed my hope I was not just suffering from a year of no tv (actually I can think better and feel better) more then random forced exposure irritates me! Seriously we need to discern if this is a dual birth of the nwo after a hit by a neo and the rapture I am sure hundreds of us following the spiritual rabbit hole will bring rewards in our discernment personally with O's new we can't wait slogan I feel this is it and no one has a clue but they can tell you their NFL teams record. I do not care I want to go home it's our slogan even so Come Lord Jesus take me home! It really was about redemption and being our bridge to heaven and a last minute rescue. Discernment time doves!