Charles (25 Oct 2011)
"RE: Gerry September rapture"

Gerry you have made sense of all the signs I have seen. I tried to warn everyone about The Feast of trumpets this year. I was praying in the spirit thinking in my head 42 days till Jesus and looked down to see a toner box with the number 42A as I was praying. I took it to mean a confirmation of the feast but you are showing it could have meant 42 days after on 11:11:11! I have been seeing These numbers for months I knew I was close to an oil change recently and my sticker said 11:11:11 on it! Lol
I have also been seeing the number 21 therefore thinking October 21st! But your insight shows how all my leadings where correct just the conclusion more convoluted! I think God does this to see who will continue yo watch and pray to endure until the end. We all know something is up with the 11:9 emergency broadcast and the 11:11:11 date. Is this date the rapture and beginning of the NWO at the same time because the restrainer is removed? I have also read debris From Elenin may still threaten earth could this be the meteors crashing to earth followed by a solar flare which scorches the Earth. Nicoles posts about johnathan kleck channel where a false flag is shown on the fifty ties into 11:11:11. Remember invasion of the body snatchers. Is all we are either Gods temple through the indwelling of the spirit and faith in Jesus or viewed as vessels of wrath fit for destruction because we follow our in dwelling sin nature to destruction. I also am concerned about the post saying no gentile tribulation saints. It is my understanding if you refuse the mark and hold a testimony of Jesus you will still be saved. Guys we are right up against it I prey all of the doves are found watching and praying found worthy to escape. I know we do not want to be here. I find myself waiting for the dove letters so I can feel some companionship with people who understand ie have an unction from the holy one. I could not watch football or tv anymore nothing is holding my interest and everything seems vain all around me people are acting like this world and what we do and see and hear here is real the bible says the opposite is true. People do not want to hear or believe they are born lost and without hope without Jesus but his atoning death is the only way we through his blood be purged from the sin nature and be able to inherit eternal life. He is our only hope believe it!