Charles (22 Oct 2011)
"I want to stay in the ark"

Michelle, I am so sorry I totally understand you love your husband and trying to warn him what the spirit is telling you so he will get in the ark out of this world. After reading Nicoles post I understand the worlds views. I have someone totally opposed to my views all pathways lead to god live your life IE that invites me on a river trip each year I go pray help out I do not let him affect me and well I do not effect him except he has given in to me being in my beliefs. I am really hoping for the rapture today not so people can perish I do not want anyone to I just am so tired of getting my dress filthy stepping out the door every day and tired of being afraid I will trip because the whole world has become a big pit. But I fear I will be here tomorrow your letter has given me encouragement and mine has given you some. I am just so lonely in myself surrounded by people I cry out for Jesus constantly not to leave my side. I got irritated this morning because I watched the jonathan Kleck videos last night. Man even my own body wants to betray me wash me in the blood Jesus. I got hit screaming hurry up get up help me I will be late rat race talk. I took my son last night and gave my wife a night out. I got why didn't you get him to drink his juice all the way I told you to and you never do. What he fell asleep. Seriously the world is so concerned with mundane things and the rat race they view being concerned with God and our soul as wasting time it's backwards. This whole world is designed to orient us away from truly following Jesus even Christians cannot see this. Catalogs to buy stuff, sex on demand tv, 1000restaurants, little green TP we are calling money until they make it worthless and our own flesh without Jesus blood defiled. The matrix exists we are in it and have taken the red pill. I am tired of the blue pill world that is false I am forced to live in. It's perishing no one knows or cares. It's not you want this gore to happen it's that it is going to happen the sin is bringing it God is restraining it through his presence in us once we are gone to coin a phrase SHTF. I am tired of trying to keep my gown clean. Everyone else is rolling around in the mud flinging it at me I get mad and fling back and it just gets my hand dirty and I touch my gown then I need Jesus blood to clean it again I am sorry I am using it constantly. I have this desire to just climb in the ark but the world keeps banging on the door trying to drag me out and it's not closed yet! I thank you Michelle and Nicolle and all Doves. Guys every time I look down the rabbit hole it's worse we do not want to be here 11:11:11! Please pray for Michelle for me I just want to go home and pull from the fire whom I can.