Charles (20 Oct 2011)
"Did not go well"

I tried to talk to my wife about 11:11:11 the 11:9 announcement as soon as I opened my mouth I got I thought this would end the 29th were still here if you want to keep talking to me you can go or I will have to. I thought the problem would be over then but it continues. Just as I thought the entire problem between us is the downer of me doing as Jesus commanded and watching and warning those around me of the signs Jesus is coming. The problem in this logic is solved simply by me not pointing out the signs and how they relate since this interferes with conversations about selling our house in ten Years and well it's inconvenient around friends and family having me point out there is no future here! I told her not to worry I would be going soon and the problem would resolve itself shortly. She said then go I said that's not what I meant. She is going to play bingo tomorrow night with her friend our neighbor. Just another night right! And everything continues on as it did from the beginning not. People can see the signs they chose to group ignore them self medicate with tv, acohol, activities and just ignore any reality around them that does not fit the matrix group think programed into them. Jesus said to walk no longer in the vanity of your mind according to the course of the world. We have an entire generation of Christians whose group think is Worldly and their minds have not been renewed. Those who have are watching and praying seeing The truth and being set free. Those who think they are solving the problem of the reality of the world around them by huddling in one big Worldly rendition of I can't hear you are simply wrong. We are warning because we have been warned and are commanded to warn out of care. I hope she goes I cannot do more. I pray I go and am found watching I cannot exist in the vanity of this world anymore and no one I know exists elsewhere. But I know the end of being carnally minded I chose the spirit. Pray for my wife I cannot open her eyes the rest of the world is sitting on them saying you can see fine.