Charles (20 Oct 2011)
"Times up may all doves wear white!"

I just read Olla's letter. The truth is all the signs we have seen are true the conception in chile 2/11 the birth pains in Christchurch and Japan. Venus birth on the feast of trumpets and most ominous the 11:11:11 birth of Saturn the nwo. The emergency broadcast ala deep impact 11/9 Elenin? The final yes vote for Palistine November 10th? Then 11:11:11. Is Yu55 the fiery star cast into the sea that opens the bottomless pit they are making movies the immortals and 11:11:11 telling the masses what's coming! I wondered why they were releasing Melancholia November 2nd before but after when I thought Elenin would come well Elenin was the blue kachina the warning trumpets signaling the destroyer wormwood niberu was coming after a sign for Gods children to get ready to gly and for the world that judgement was coming. It is evidently obvious that when you misinform then tell the truth no one will believe that is what may 21st was the lie to set up the world and the watchers not to believe the truth I had a feeling in my heart for Jesus to come the 29th but my spirit felt like I would still be here. I have the opposite feeling today. That my heart tells me there is more time but my spirit says no. I asked God for a tell a confirmation of this feeling in my driveway. I was expecting a package a pair of hiking pants I hope to never use. I said God the package is tracked to come tomorrow let it come today if I am right in the spirit. I pulled out of my driveway and a UPS truck pulled in I turned around hot my pants. What alot of Doves do not know a week after my water baptism into Christ I prayed for Jesus to show me who my wife was to be I gave up trying in my will.
I asked for an impossible to confuse sign. I asked Jesus to put her in a red mustang like mine and I would meet her that way. The next day I pulled in to a place to eat lunch and parked at the only empty spot got out and next to me was a red mustang just like mine! I went in sat by two women on the way out told them my prayer the girl said it was her mustang. We have been married fourteen Years! See I know God is real Jesus is real this is real! We have El heirro ready to blow ie means iron! So I see O in a black armored bus called the beast. The rebel riding the black horse bringing about the economic collapse almost missed that shows us where we are timeline wise! I am going to try and talk to my wife one more time tonight I do not see it going well. Please pray for her she has had to suffer me all these years and a prophet has no honor in his own house how much less honor do I have trying to warn her in fear and trembling what I know to be true when everyone else around us Christian or not are trying to plan for the holidays like we will not want to be here people. I want to see my son grow up I want to see him safe in heaven more and be there with him. I do not want anyone to be here the only thing holding all this back is the bride is still here! But it's time our dresses should be on and we should be spiritually hiding ready to reveal ourselves to the groom when he comes. I will probably be at a customers when the rapture happens my least desirable location next to the bathroom! Doves times up I got the package! As my son would say the meatball is in the sauce. I can only do my job and warn one last time and watch and pray say psalm 25 and hope to see you in the clouds. I do not see the rapture occurring after the 11:9 announcement because we cannot be here for the restrainer must be removed! Time is literally up and no one knows gets what we are talking about because they get all their news, feedback from the media and the Worldly they are wise we are fools. Well guess who is wise the goodman found watching so his house is not broken up. I pray my whole family will go together and I am found watching. Our money will be TP soon, no way you could buy or keep enough food for what's coming our only hope is Christ coming to redeem us before the birth on 11:11:11. Oh by the way the lord showed me my oil change sticker the date was 11:11:11! Oh how I hope there are none of us around to post letters Monday!