Charles (17 Oct 2011)
"It's been raining for days!"

My one refuge from the world was going outside! Between being sick and it raining for the last four days I have been homebound. Except yesterday I ventured out to a camping store with 30 dollars in coupons and a ten percent off I found a north face cats meow bag I ended up getting for 69.00   tax normally 159.00 bag. Except I have enough bags. I have been trying to throw out all the catalogs I get and not focus on new stuff be content with what I have thankfully been given. I honestly saw a video about someone's dream that the power grid will go down and families cutting wood and building fires got warmth. I also thought of using it in our living room where I have been sleeping to not spread germs. Well trapped inside with my heat working I cannot take it turn tv on to the kids channel and every commercial is evil. About Fred 2 or wish the fairy phoenix rising or kids shooting fake weapons or playing spell games online. Even the monopoly commercial it's all about the money! No it's not. Our money is going to be TP soon. Think your 401k is really going to be there will you? The grace of God is all that's keeping us going until they declare Palistine then we know what's coming. I as you can see am frustrated trying to redeem the day I Also realized that my dream had us watching in new sleeping bags I just bought mine! Every part of my dream had come true except the solar flare. Look at our magnetosphere it's wrapping around itself we are losing our protection the sun has been firing massive flares just aiming away from us but those spots are lining up. I asked God when to just concentrate on my family and not work he said when the CME takes down the power grid makes sense Jesus said work while it's light when it's dark no man can work. A year ago I would gave been happy getting this sleeping bag my hope was god providing me to survive the birth pains until he came. The watchers have been trying to warn being shouted down by the church and mocked by the atheists. I have cleaned our dollar stores out of bibles, it's raining, I have to say I am suffering cabin fever after four days of rain, fever, and the horror of the least offensive children's tv they load the most harmless shows with the most evil commercials. I have not watched more then a few hours tv in the last year! It's gotten more blatant that everything is just designed to make us think act and focus on the world, ourselves, politics, activities things and not God. Buy one piece of camping gear online and dozens of catalogs will arrive at your door. I simply put beside housework cannot find anything besides watching and reading the bible that does not sorely vex me. We have the IMF saying thru have two weeks before an economic crash unless Europe gets two trillion. El Heirro is 90 meters from surface erupting and an angel threw as it was a mountain burning into the sea. An asteroid tm8 is going to near miss us the 18th I am not so sure about yu55 and around the end of October they are voting on Palistine. They are also reporting on the sun putting out a new particle that may be mutating matter on earth another great false rapture explanation. And no matter how hard I am trying to separate myself from this world and my wants I buy a sleeping bag. four years ago I was thinking about trails I could hike till Jesus came with my son now I just want to go. Home and pray I am going to be found watching and praying and worthy to escape nothing else holds my interest while it seems the interest of all around me just want what I am seeing and warning to just be in my mind or I am watching the news too much I need something to distract me from the habit is what I hear. The habit us the only thing keeping me grounded in the spirit. Nicole is right the watchers have been trying to warn just the data we rely on to try and say see to the world is from the world and while we are watching the left hand the right is pulling the nwo out of the hat. It's like camping saying a wrong date and things lining up with his new date that no one will be watching on Well I think we may be seeing the same old game lie with the truth. We will see shortly. Please seek Jesus now a week may be too late call upon the Lord now while he may still be found. I have to think we are still here because the last person to do so has not yet but will right before the tinkling of an eye later and destruction comes. I do not want to see anyone perish but all come to a saving relationship with Jesus. Please I am  warning for today is  the day of your salvation.