Charles (15 Oct 2011)
"I want to be a saint not a sucker"

Today home sick I actually had time to call a utility. I locked in a lower electric generation supply rate through 2013 that could save me about $ 100 a year. The point is while I was doing it while I was seeing how much Worldly sense it made I even got a confirm in the spirit I am to provide for my family until Jesus comes and got a rebate check and the offer and was thinking about how my bill has gone up all at the time. Do you know my problem I am like why did I bother? I pretty much think two x class flares are going to hit earth about when the vote recognizing Palistine takes place and if el heiro blows my last concern in either event is going to be gee I am smart I saved .01 per kilowatt hour. It also takes 30 days to go into effect! I also read 1st John and said Psalm 25 I want to go home and not this one. Really except for a few minutes and a utility phone call I have been alone for 24hrs I am not alone in that I talk to Jesus and realize this Whole world like first John says is going away it's a suckers bet. I have not listened to tv except when it's on around me for months and feel better for it. Even the survival shows I liked the only survival is to know Christ. Great I know 12 ways to start a fire but Jesus is going to determine whether my efforts are a success. in that case I guess I am supposed to be a wise steward for my family and even if it is futile it was the right move to save .01! The thing is most take more time saving .01 then they do to think on and save their eternal life and store treasure in heaven where stuff does not break. Please call first Jesus lock in your mansion in heaven now. People do not want to Change habits on the chance god may be real that's a suckers bet you did not come from a puddle or a monkey where did they come from the big bang? The big bang where did that come from! In fact it's truly amazing anything exists. There has to be a self existent immortal all knowing God at the helm. The math some people do on this site shows he has laid everything precisely in place from beginning to end. Do you know they have a technology to modulate a voice like hypnosis over a high def digital carrier wave ie digital tv and radio. If you start humming yes we can turn off the set! Seriously the reason no matter how much stuff we get or how on track our plan for that new house or whatever seems we in the back of our mind hear the spirit going suckers bet. We have to be in this world until Jesus comes white man can't jump I have tried I get three inches off the ground heaven is alot farther we need to be born again the holy spirit active in us is what makes us be able to be raptured walking in the light of Jesus means we have that active spirit. We still call to save .01 per kilowatt hour we just know now it's all a suckers bet and first Jesus is eternal savings!