Charles (14 Oct 2011)
"I am sick what a time for rapture"

Let me say this is the third time typing this my email mysteriously reset the first two times when I typed important information to tie all things together I am beginning to think it's spiritual or otherwise but if I die I am sending this letter. I came home with a 100.7 fever not terminal but feels like it. I am a one finger typist not a speed texter so I got forty minutes in here! My wife comes home I tell her I am sick and she bugs out. She chastises me for coughing not covering this morning and leaves with my son for two hours I am quarantined downstairs! I do not want to get them sick but gee I am lonely and the I do not know how many days we have reason does not fly. My wife is sick of me pointing out bible prophecy for the last four years I have been on red alert. Today she said to me we should move when my son is in high school the next county has smaller class sizes! I love my wife I forgive her gosh what a trap to get mad before the rapture! But what do you say to this. I have no one to talk to except Jesus! Lets see this is where the email resets:

We have seen every single sign Jesus told us to watch for all this year. The earthquake in conception chile, the one in Christchurch get it! The sign of Venus in Virgo on the feast! Comet Elenin, animal die offs, the UN unesco voting October 20th to admit and recognize Palastine the volcano at el heirro is ready to blow and a burning mountain could fall into the sea and cause a mega tsunami wiping out the east coast! This is in Isaiah! Then we have Elenin aligning the 16th the unesco vote the 20th two x class CME's ready to fire about the 16-20th. The third part of my dream maybe the power grid fried and the east coast wiped out right after the UN vote. Then we got yu55 going through elenins tail on November 9th to the 11th oh yeah 11:11:11 if I do not see 11:11 at least three times a day I get worried! Lol seriously all the signs have occurred a whale was found one kilometer on shore in England dead of Jonah proportions no one can explain how it got there! None of this is on the news. But we got the IMF saying the world economy could collapse in two to three weeks. We have the fifth and sixth seal judgements and the first and second trumpet judgements all lining up around when the UN declares Palistine a state! Mmmm we have had the most publicized false prophet date now saying October 21 a date no one will be watching and a valid feast and trumpet date! Tell a lie then tell the truth and no one will believe it we are playing checkers without the holy spirit against a grand master chess player who only God can beat. Look at the underground facilities right out of deep impact and the bible. So we have a UN vote the 20th, the one date no one will speak of the 21st, a burning mountain ready to fall into the see and create a tsunami. Two CME's ready to fire about the 16th when all this comes together us going through elenin's tail. Do you know some of these signs will not occur again for 100years! So what do you do when none of these things are being reported on CNN no one is studying bible prophecy to even know what the signs are but a first grader could google this information and anyone who ever picked up a bible should be going wow! And then your family says stuff like lets move ten years from now when your wondering if you have ten days! We saw the signs in the heavens, more earthquakes in 2011 dead fish and birds, the UN voting to declare Palistine I can guarantee the us will obstain. We got el heirro ready to blow and the sun positioning to throw off CME's a comet tail and an asteroid yu 55 plus the IMF hinting possible economic collapse. But I am supposed to seriously have a conversation about ten years from now! It looks like this is it I want to say nothing could happen but I would be running to Jesus and getting my head dunked in an act of repentance right now. If el heirro goes the east coast will have eight hours notice if they give any.  Not a time to be putting off salvation. Do not take my world go to YouTube or google el heirro the history channel did an episode on this. I know people want to just go on with their lives and be left alone problem is it's not going to be an option the only thing holding this all back is the bride is still here and I wonder if more then the same 400 people on all the rapture sites are watching. We are not trying to doom and gloom we are watching the bible come true before our eyes. Everyone will line up to get a chip for free healthcare. Please if your not seeing this your quenching the spirit and have not studied. Israel is threatening Syria with bye bye Damascus if tel aviv is attacked isiaih 17 everyone. I would love to see my son grow up but I see the writing I did study and still feel helpless I want to see my family safe in heaven because this earth false reality is about to go away. My favorite store called and is having a 30% off sale Friday. God wants us to repent of worshiping our things created and rely on him the creator I am like am I sad saying oh cool before I say seriously it's all dung compared to Jesus. Jesus said his people perish for lack of knowledge if your on the east coast google el heirro get right with Jesus now I am trying to love and help. God bless all who call on Jesus as lord and savior in truth and spirit! Seriously how do you look at loved ones talking about ten years from now and not just want to cry? I hope Jesus takes me and I see my family ok!  And I hope the same for all reading this!