Charles (12 Oct 2011)
"A time we think not!"

I admit I almost fainted when the feast of trumpets was over and I was still here! People were like ok now get on with life quit watching. What I discovered after one day of not keeping my eyes on heaven I was getting ensnared in earthy things fleshy things and feeling dragged down. I quickly repented what I discovered is watching is to be our life by being grounded in the word and praying for his return we can see his nearness of coming and the things of this world properly look like the dung dipped in chocolate they are. The world only sees the chocolate. Let's face it the world is weeks from disaster. The people are being misled willfully in the media churches and in their go focus on earthly and heavenly things. We must keep watching and praying in the spirit we want to go. I cannot stand the world now imagine when the chocolate coating is scraped away and people go crazy for a world leader to get back their false reality. People after may 21 and September 29th are smug and do not want to hear any more get right Jesus is coming! And I am talking about your average christian they just want to get back to business as usual. The problem is as I experienced business as usual got us here in the first place. We watchers were right are right the signs were the signs things are coming to a head. It was done this way to distinguish between the real and false watchers the false went whew dodged a bullet. Those believing Jesus word and seeing we are weeks from kaos went oh man were still here! I love Jesus because he had mercy on me I want to be with him. I was fretting about Halloween another battle and Santa is you know who also. How come no one gets this or cares it makes me sick seeing children lied to and enticed to witchcraft with candy and parents threatening those who speak the truth to keep it to themselves and not ruin their kids Christmas or trick or treat! Seriously the adults say yes we can while the kids ask Santa for toys! I was told in the spirit it would not be a problem we are out of here before Halloween! I asked when and the answer I time they think not. The date I least expect Jesus and do is October 21st! So did the evil one plant a lie on may 21 so when October 21 came even the watchers would cross that date off! Keep watching something inside tells me we have ten days of tribulation. Jesus I want to go home! Thank you for all your mercy please forgive my inequity! Guys October 21st may be the chocolate hidden with a coat of dung so we do not grab hold of it! Reading Jerry Goldens sober post and hearing of financial collapse seeing people protest that can't explain why they are there and seeing the Canary islands ready to blow hearing rumors of a coup in the US and seeing people not care or want to here because they are clinging to what the world course is and they just want to be left alone and do not realize option A is stay here and die in the tribulation or option B is turn from the vanity of their minds and seek Jesus to walk in his spirit watching and praying now get in the ark. Option C the bible does not really mean that, a politician will fix everything and well if that were really true it would be on CNN. That is the fairy tail! Jesus is the only way you must be born again of water and the spirit get in the ark now!