Charles (10 Oct 2011)
"Short time"

Well I walked around a festival today crafts food people I told my wife I would go because honestly i did not think we would be here!. The whole day of atonement thing makes sense I did not know they read Jonah. I am wondering if anyone will be reading this honestly. Hopefully not. The thing is I was surrounded by thousands of people and crafts all day thing is the church belt surrounded this festival. I asked the spirit if I could go and said let my wife say hurry up to me when I walk in the door and due did. But I walked around all day so thankful to be with my family and in the sun and at the same time amazed no one there had a look like they had a clue the end was near. I told a few about the meteor shower bring the last half fulfillment of revelation 12 and Jesus was coming soon but honestly I am numb and scared and in awe both watching the bible signs being fulfilled rapid fire and also the complete clueless cloud surrounding most as to whats coming. My wife does not want to hear me anymore but I keep slipping nuggets to her.  Let's see the IMF stating the world is three weeks from financial collapse, the Syrians threatening Tel Aviv with Israel threatening to flatten gaza lebanon and make Damascus go away if that occurs hhhhm I read this was to happen somewhere mmm my my! Oh yeah they abandoned the space station shut down the shuttle Gods make Edom who set it's nest in the stars fall. We got O reading psalm 46 like he's the author gag! Shall I say all the Protestants denominations are cozy with Rome and supporting Palistine and then unesco is voting October 25th to recognize Palistine! Plus an iranian flotilla with possible emp weapons are sailing to the gulf perfect for a emp kill shot and our secretary of defense is defending their freedom to sail wherever they want and will probably offer them fuel. The most telling sign is however no one wants Jesus to come now they want some politician to fix it and this includes most Christians! I also read black Monday is coming this week attack on wall street website a supposed october 15th day against banks the IMF saying meltdown by October 24th and the final UN vote November 10th right before 11/11/11. Have I summarized everything! I tried yo come out of the world took vacation I am still here but we are seeing it all line up. I do not want bombe here I am trying to get to shore but the world keeps dragging me towards the falls. I pray everyone who calls on the lord And is watching and praying is found worthy to escape. The people doing all this rage stuff are wrongly bringing about exactly what they least want!