Carol Garza (5 Oct 2011)
"To Paul Wilson re: Eschatology showing"

While the post was long, it was very good and brought it home to the core.  I would like to highlight some of the points for those who might have not read your post in its’ entirety or at all:
When I became a believer, the most popular Christian book of the day was The
Great Planet Earth, written by Hal Lindsey. It stimulated a great deal of
in biblical prophecy and, in particular, in the doctrine of the Rapture of
the church.
Prophecy and the Rapture were two theological concepts that were foreign to
like me, who had been raised in the Roman Catholic Church.
(I could have written this !)
As I grew in my understanding of the Scriptures, ..I began to get very excited that Jesus would be coming back in our generation !....  
Yet only a few years later I noticed that some of my evangelical friends (and just Christians
in general) didn't share my excitement--or at least the interest in it seemed to be on the wane.

Enthusiasm appeared to be fading into a blasé attitude regarding the imminent return
of Jesus for His bride. Great expectation wilted to a posture of
semi-confusion: "He could be returning prior to the Great Tribulation," or "He may come back
for us midway through the Tribulation," or "perhaps at the end of the Tribulation." To keep it from becoming a debate issue among evangelicals, some called themselves"pan-tribbers," meaning pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib--whatever panned out would be fine with them.
Your post put much of my thoughts into perspective.  It is a blessing to be around people who are looking for that Blessed Hope of Jesus coming FOR us any day..any moment.  Surely we ARE in the Season !  GOD is Faithful to His Word!
May Jesus truly COME QUICKLY for us !
Blessings to all !
Carol Garza