Carol Garza (28 Oct 2011)
"To Joe Chappell re: group discernment/rapture day"

Your response is the very reason those scriptures in 2 Kings chapter 1 opened my eyes to wonder if indeed on the day or days before the rapture, all of us who will be raptured will have the Holy Spirit registration in our spirits.  Elijah could not tell by the ‘signs of the times’ he was going to go up.  He just knew!  They all knew.
Like you Joe, often times the LORD reveals to me things that are going to take place.  Often times, it is when I have confirmation I knew that sign/feeling/insight/revelation was from the Holy Spirit.  I too am learning to be discerning, to be discreet and to obey.  This is how He is able to reveal the Deep Things, the deep secrets of God to us.
While we do have the signs of the times, dreams/visions and know with absolute certainty we are in the season Christ is coming for us, we have not had the inward registration ‘today is the day’ like Elijah did.  I too believe we are going know as Elijah knew.
The signs of the Lord’s coming on the day of Trumpets this year was so overwhelmingly strong, yet I did not have an inward registration.  That does not mean I had doubts of His coming.  I was watching and praying too.  Watching and Praying for the Lord’s return will not stop until we are outta here !
On the surface, I don’t think we’ll be here beyond 2012.  Of course, I pray His return FOR us is TODAY.
Thanks for your post Joe !
Come Lord Jesus. 
Carol Garza
"to Carol Garza , re: group Disernment"