Carol Garza (13 Oct 2011)
"Re: A time to think not......Charles"

Hey Charles !
Loved your post !  I cracked up with your opening line “I admit I almost fainted when the feast of trumpets was over and I was still here!”
While I am always on the watch and alert, I didn’t get my expectations too high this time around in spite of the absolute theories why the Rapture just HAD to be this year on Feast of Trumpets.  I’ve been there, done that !!  Every year for the past 4-5 yrs I have been putting on my high rapture alert cap in September.   Of course then came the Day of Atonement and now the Feast of Tabernacles.....and last but not least October 21 which most people are keeping their lips zipped.  (For those who might not know, Camping had stated the only other possible ‘rapture’ date was October 21 if May 21 failed.)
One of the other comments of your post that grabbed me was what you wrote “I discovered is watching is to be our life by being grounded in the word and praying for his return we can see his nearness of coming and the things of this world properly.”
Being Rooted and Grounded in the Word of God, staying in His Presence, watching and praying for the church to become more sanctified, for souls to enter into the Kingdom of God and praying for His imminent return is how I get through the ‘high rapture alert’ days.  I too have repented for being lax at times.
I don’t know if we’ll be here for Oct 31, but if we are, I will continue to do what I have been doing every year for the last 3 yrs.  I write scriptures on index cards and I place them in the treat bags along w/a piece of candy.  I write scriptures for the little ones and ‘deeper’ ones for the older kids.  I have to start at least 1 week ahead before the 31st !  I pray over them and the kids when they come to my door.  One pre-teen read his as he was leaving and turned around to thank me and tell me how cool it was !  Praise be to the LORD!
As for the time we are in, Feasts or not, His Return is imminent ! I don’t see us being here in 2-3 more years !  Earlier this year when Egypt’s people rose up which then spread, word got around, it would come to the U.S.  Well, well.  It sure has ! 
It may be the fulfillment of the FoT, Yom Kippur, Feast of Tabernacles may indeed be for the JEWS...not for the church ???   Don’t know...just guessing.
What is certain is God’s promise to us, that the generation in which Israel is re-born would be the generation Jesus would return for us. 
WE are THAT generation !  So...Come LORD Jesus.  We love You and long to Behold Your Beauty face to FACE.
Yours in Christ,
Carol Garza