Carol Garza (1 Oct 2011)
"To Gus -re: Daniel 2:43"

Wow Gus,
As I began to read your post and read vs 43 before reading further, my first immediate thought was “WOW..I never saw that scripture as it pertains to the mixture of fallen angels and men.”  I believe the scriptures corresponds w/Genesis 6:
Also, there are two threads that run through the bible from Genesis to revelation.  They are the Seed of the Woman (Jesus coming from the Seed of the Woman Israel) and the seed of the serpent.  Under Satan’s rule are the fallen angels and demons.
You might want to read the Book of Enoch.
There are a couple of God Loving/God fearing/Bible believing authors who have in depth studies on fallen angels/aliens.  (There are some topics I don’t agree on with this person but Shriner does seem to have a good handle on the topic of fallen angels & demons.)
L.A. Marzulli & Steve Quayle have also done extensive in depth studies on aliens/ufos/fallen angels/demons.  You might want to check out their works.
Carol Garza