Bruce Baber (1 Oct 2011)
"2011 or 2012... listing reasons for the pretrib rapture in either year"

By trying to keep an open mind about whether the rapture is this year or next, I sat down and tried to compile lists for comparison.  I so badly want it to happen this year that it is hard to keep an open mind, but I feel that I need to make the effort.  Maybe you could add some additional thoughts.


Bruce Baber

The Pretribulation Rapture… This Year or Next?

Reasons for thinking it might be in 2011

·         63 years from rebirth of Israel
·         UN vote on Palestinian State
·         Speculation that European Banks could fail in October and result in global economic chaos.
·         Earthquake felt in Washington DC which cracked the Washington monument
·         Overall increase in earthquake activity and turbulent weather
·         10 year anniversary of the attacks on September 11
·         Overthrow of many Middle East governments
·         Possible connection to the Jubilee year count as it may relate to the call to rebuild Jerusalem in 1968 after the capture of the city in 1967
·         Comet Elenin

Reasons for thinking it might be in 2012

·         Luke 13:6-9 inferring the possible wait of an extra year
·         Possibility of the destruction of Damascus and then the Gog Magog war happening so that Israel has the time to burn the weapons of war for seven years
·         US Presidential election
·         NASA concern about a possible Carrington event due to solar flares
·         Nibiru
·         Pagan references to 2012
·         St Malachy’s prophecy concerning the last pope could take place
·         Probability of greater earthquake and weather events

    Perhaps 2012 will be the year that Ariel Sharon dies thus being a fulfillment of Rabbi Kaduri's prophecy.
    Possibility of further advancement towards a one world currency and global government?

Many of the reasons listed have room for error.  Elenin could be a total bust.  Nibiru could be also.

If the pretribulation rapture does take place in 2012 then a lot of New Agers will read something very significant into it with regards to the Mayan prophecies.  Is that the great deception?