Bre (13 Oct 2011)
"Julie M...So funny.."


I am so thrilled that you shared your rapture experience with us!! It is so funny because I am very nearsighted and I can not get out of bed and see with out putting my glasses on or having my contacts in either...I wear contacts regularly because I hate my glasses but every month or so I give my eyes a full weeks break by not using my contacts....Now, I started my weekly break about 2days ago and because we are soooooooo close to the rapture, I was telling the Lord I hate to put my glasses on because what if I am asleep when the rapture happens and I can't see all the exciting things going on in the initial process...ha ha ha...I left it at that but I may have brought it up with him at least one more time...Then, I come to the Doves for my daily reading and read your letter.....The Lord is amazing how he works!!! he took something that small as me passing a comment and had you to post your letter so he could pretty much say" "Sabrina, relax you will be able to see the cool stuff." Ha ha ha...I love it! Thanks again Julie :)