Bob Ware (8 Oct 2011)
"10/10 NYSE threat will be 1544 ('Lord Jesus Christ' ASCII) days since DOW peaked at $14,000.41"

This is in reply to Frank R Molver's post where he wrote: "The group anonymous threatens to take down the NYSE from the internet monday"
10.10.2011 (this coming Monday) will be 1544 days since the DOW peaked at $14,000.41 on 7.19.2007.
        1544 is the sum of the title case ASCII codes for 'Lord Jesus Christ'.
        The 1441st day of the current Jewish calendar cycle was 9.11.2001.
1010.2011 will also be 2 x 7 x 13 x 401 days since the New Madrid earthquake series began on 12.16.1811.
        401 is the gematria of the 'Aleph' and 'Tav' at the center of Genesis 1:1.
        713 is the prime number gematria of 'JESUS CHRIST'.
10.10.2011 will also be 9 x 401 days since the 38th anniversary of JFK's assassination (11.22.2001).
10.10.2011 will also be 9 x 523 days since the International Space Station was placed into orbit on 11.20.1998.
        523 is the sum of thew trinity reductions for 'JESUS' (888 yields 153) and 'CHRIST' (1480 yields 370).
10.10.2011 will be 7 x 2521 days since Bible reading was banned in the schools on 6.17.1963.
        2521 is the 21st (7+7+7) Star of David number.
                2521 = 523 (JESUS CHRIST) + 1998 (3 x 666).
                        1998 is the gematria of the first five words of Genesis 1:1.
                        666 is the sum of the uppercase ASCII codes for 'HOLY BIBLE'.
10.10.2011 (this coming Monday) may be a day to watch.