Bob Ware (21 Oct 2011)
"Pictures in a dream"

Last night I dreamt that I had received a package from Marilyn Agee. It was a white envelope. It looked like it contained two paperback books and possibly a letter. The address was not in the normal place, but it did have my name on it, so I opened it down the middle with a sharp object. It contained two sets of photographs in the old standard 4" x 6" format. Later I would discover that some were still images, but several of the pictures were like looking at live videos.
I was in the garage of my old house when I first found the package in my hands. After opening it, I found myself standing in another house that I was not familiar with. I was in the hallway with two or three other people. I started to look at the photos, but felt compelled to go into the living room and share them with a girl who was watching television. She was not interested in them and left.
One still image was of several large white two-story colonial mansions scattered out over rolling hills that were covered with well mown green lawns. There were no fences or roads. Each house had about 1/3 acre of ground around it. It was a very serene pastoral setting of peace and contentment. I could live there forever.
Several of the pictures were overexposed - as if there was too much light. One normal exposure showed a few ladies dressed in very nice clothes sitting on the green lawns.
Possibly the most intriguing picture/video was like looking through the viewfinder of a camera with a translucent clock face in the center. When you moved the picture around the dry grasses, and other natural foliage, would always replicate the hands of a clock in the 2 o'clock position. Even in my dream I was fascinated by this illusion. At 2:00pm there are 600 minutes left in a day. Noah entered the Ark at the age of 600.
Another video was of a group of people floating in the ocean. They were clustered together as if they were in fear of a shark in the water. It wasn't a shark - it turned out to be only a friendly sea turtle. The turtle was infatuated by this one man and would touch him with his beak like a parrakeet would nibble at your finger.
I only got to look at half of the pictures when I was awakened by a phone call. I was disappointed that I could not see all of them, but if I had not been awakened by the call I might have kept on dreaming and would have forgotten what I did get to see.