Bob Ware (19 Oct 2011)
"The New Testament 'Wall of Stones'"


The gematria of Genesis 1:1 is 2701. The prime factoring of 2701 is: 37 x 73. In the attached diagram I have created a wall with three sets of 2701 stones. This wall of stones is 73 columns wide by 111 high (3 x 37). The number of stones in the first 109 rows equals the exact number of verses in the New Testament (7957). There are an additional 146 stones (two rows of 73) above the 109th row. The 146th verse of the New Testament is the exact center verse of Jesus’ ‘Sermon on the Mount’ (MT 6:8). Please, see my previous post: MT 6:8 is the 23,291st verse in the Bible. The 23,291st inclusive day from Israel’s rebirth (5.14.1948) will be 2.18.2012. This will be the 81st day of 5772. I have assigned the 7957 verses of the New Testament to this stone wall starting from the lower left corner and numbering from left to right. The 74th stone begins at the left end of the second row.


There is a vertical string of 39 stones in the center that is surrounded by 36 borders. The first border has 84 stones. I have shaded these with a bright yellow. 84 is the Hebrew gematria of ‘ENOCH’. The outermost perimeter of this wall has 364 stones. 364 is the composite number gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’. The sum of the outermost 20 perimeters is 5760. This is the sum of the four sides of the square around the ‘Circle of Time’. The sum of the vertical center column of 39 plus the innermost 19 borders around it is 3003 (a total of 20 values). The 3003rd day of the current Jewish calendar cycles was 12.21.2005. This is the date at the top of the ‘Circle of Time’. The first verse in the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ MT 5:3) begins in the 20th column of row number 111. The first of three occurrences of ‘ENOCH’ (Luke 3:37) is in the 20th column of row 27.


At the center of this wall is the dark blue stone number 4052. The 4052nd verse of the New Testament is Acts 8:20. 4052 equals: 4 x 1013. 1013 is the prime number gematria of ‘LORD JESUS CHRIST’. The Greek gematria of ‘LORD JESUS CHRIST’ is 3168. The 3168th verse of the New Testament is John 6:55. I have drawn a red line from light blue stone 3168 through the dark green center stone 4052 and it ends at the top right corner of this stone wall (MT 6:8) which again is the center verse of the ‘Sermon on the Mount’.


‘born again’ appears three times in the New Testament: John 3:3, John 3:7 and 1 Peter 1:23. I have shaded these three stones with dark brown. There are six verses in the New Testament with the words ‘day of the Lord’. I have colored these six stone locations in red. A line drawn from the center of this wall to the 4th location of ‘day of the Lord’ (1 Thess 5:2) passes through the 3rd location of ‘day of the Lord’ (2 Cor 1:14).  A line connecting the 2nd (1 Cor 5:5) and 5th (2 Thess 5:2) locations of ‘day of the Lord’ also passes through the 3rd location of ‘day of the Lord’. The sum of the six verse/stone numbers for ‘day of the Lord’ is 35,196. 35,196 equals: 84 (gematria of ‘ENOCH’) x 419. 419 is the prime number gematria of ‘CHRIST’. A line drawn from the last location of ‘day of the Lord’ to the last location of ‘ENOCH’ (Jude 1:14) passes through the center location of ‘ENOCH’ (Heb 11:5). This same line passes through the last location of ‘born again’ (1 Peter 1:23). If you continue this line to the top of the wall it stops at MT 5:14. This is the 23,249th verse in the Bible. The 23,249th inclusive day since 5.14.1948 will be 1.7.2012. On this day Obama will have lived 1440 days longer than JFK. There are 1440 minutes in a day and 1440 is the diameter of the ‘Circle of Time’. MT 5:14 is the 7854th verse from the end of the Bible. 7854 equals: 7 x 1122. JFK was assassinated on 11.22.1963. On 1.7.2012 Obama will complete 1082 days in office. As the 43rd different President his name falls next to the 43rd number within the ‘Prime Cube’. This is the 153rd prime number 881. 1082 + 881 equals: 1963. President Warren G. Harding served 881 days in office before dying of ‘natural causes’.


There are 111 stones in each vertical column of the wall. 64 is the gematria of ‘TRUTH’. 64 columns have 7104 stones. 7104 equals: 3 x 2368 (the gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’). 52 columns have a total of 5772 stones. 45 is the gematria of ‘ADAM’. 45 columns have 4995 stones. 4995 is the total gematria of the Hebrew or Greek alphabets. 8 columns have 888 stones which is the gematria of ‘JESUS’ and 6 columns have 666 stones.


I know there must be many, many more interesting verse connections within this wall. Any input would be appreciated.