Bob Ware (13 Oct 2011)
"Chapter # + Verse # = 666 only twice in the Bible"

There is only one place in the Old Testament and only one place in the New Testament where the chapter and verse numbers combine to make the number string '666':
        13th book > 1 Chronicles 6:66 > verse number 10,521
        "Some of the Kohathite clans were given as their territory towns from the tribe of Ephraim." Hebrew gematria 2264
                Ephraim is the 12th name on the breastpiece with a gematria of 331.
        43rd book > John 6:66 > verse number 26,324
        "From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him." Greek gematria 10,761
Obama is the 43rd different President > just another interesting coincidence?