Beverly (31 Oct 2011)
"To Bro Charles Ref "Here it is""


You really summed it all up for me to & put a bow on top!   My dear brother I live with my
in-laws, & they are not saved.  One of my brother-in-laws is living here as well (my husband &
he are unemployed glad this house is sooo BIG) he is an avid atheist .  We
have been in situations here where my heart has been broken over the way they
curse at my Father & laugh at my faith.  I had to finally step out of my room one day & ask
them this question "If ya'll don't believe in God then why must you use his name in vain,
why don't ya'll curse Buddha then instead?"  That actually shut them up for a while!  I
just wanted to come along beside you to say that I too am going through the same sort
of situation & it is not easy my dear brother, not at all!  I have become the hermit in my
family here, as I can find NOTHING on TV, or DVD, or in their MUSIC choices to join in
on.   My husband has been so annoyed by my little "notebook" computer & my "conspiracy
theories", as he calls it, that he has threatened to break my little notebook by slinging
it across the room!!  I still hang on daily, hourly, in fact, waiting on the return of my
Savior.  I have had to just surrender all of my family to prayer, cause obviously my sight
into the endtimes is not theirs.

You are in my prayers as of this moment..."May our Father give you peace amid the storm,
may He meet all your needs, & please Father open the eyes, ears, & hearts of all those we
hold dear, as well as the rest of the lost souls that walk among us here. I ask this in the
mighty name of my risen Savior, your only Begotten Son, Yashua, my Jesus..Amen."

Bee/Beverly Stegall
Memphis, TN