Beverly (27 Oct 2011)
"Prophet Dr. Owuor & the Shekinah Glory of the Lord descending!!"

My dearest Doves:

Tonight, I found myself holding so tightly to my faith..more so than ever before, as I am feeling
the urgency of the hour...praying so intensely for the soon return of our precious Lord Jesus.

I saw a post here from Leslie regarding Dr.Owour possibly being Elijah, so off I went to just
watch a few of his you tube videos.  Now, remember that I have been praying off & on all
day for His return & for comfort during the upcoming weeks, then I saw this video...

Glory to God!  Bless His most Holy Name!  When I cried out...He certainly answered & showed
me His most Almighty this video & towards the end you will see a pillar of
His Glory going before the alter!

I was in tears..just awe-struck...on my knees!

I didn't know if ya'll had seen this one or not...but I felt led to post it here as perhaps there are
some of my brothers & sisters that need to just SEE our Father's great POWER at a time such
as now!

love in Christ abundantly,
Bee/Beverly Stegall