Berk Hammond (31 Oct 2011)
"Final Rapture Comments"


Greetings to all:

 From my recent messages you can see that I fully expected that the partial rapture would occur at some time around the time of the last Feast of Tabernacles this year (October 13-19, 2011), but of course that did not happen.  Therefore I have concluded that either the partial rapture is a special event which is scheduled to take place at some other time, or that it will occur around the time of a subsequent Feast of Tabernacles celebration. 

 God has not given me any indication as to which of these two conclusions is the correct one, but He has led me to read once again Jesus’ warning statements as they are presented in Matt. 24:44,50 & Luke 12:40.  These statements declare that that the Son of Man will come at an hour that we do not expect.  Therefore I have concluded that He wants me to abandon any further consideration of the timing of the rapture events and to wait for them to happen when their selected times come. 

 I plan to be fully obedient to God’s wishes in this regard, so I will not make any predictions of the timing of the rapture events in the future.  I just hope and pray that the initial partial rapture will occur soon and initiate the events of the tribulation period. 

God's blessings to all,

 Berk Hammond