Barb Pennel (27 Oct 2011)

Hi every one.  I can't remember where I read or heard it,but someone said,Obama cannot be the A/C,he has to be a Jew, we will be raptured before he is reveiled leaving unbelievers. The Jewish people would never follow anyone else unless they are Jewish.  I thought about this and I know there must be arguements against this, God blinding them etc. but has anyone else heard this???? Thanks John for all you do,and for how long you have been so faithfull.  I don't think I could ever have done your job.  God uses us all in His way and in His time,can't beat that.  Just wanted to let you know how grateful I and I know all the people on the Doves feel.  God Bless you and all who enjoy reading. Barb Pennell Daytona Bch   P.S  Come to think of it,I think it was Perry Stone on Manna Fest.