Armando (20 Oct 2011)

How are you?  Hope all is well.  I'm new to your site and read some visions that were written on your site.  I  have a little journal only 3 pages long with visions I have received in the past and I would like to share with you and would like to hear your thoughts on it.   I thank you for your time.




My First Spiritual Experience



After leaving work one day I went to my Mother’s house.  She had gone out of town and I had to pick up the dog to take her home with me.  I ended up taking a quick nap in my mom’s bedroom.  As I lay there I started dreaming.  As I was dreaming I saw my Mother and I digging a hole in which to bury my grandfather who had recently passed on.  There were satanic items lying in the dirt.  We continued shoveling the dirt. A short while later I noticed a thick, dark liquid filling the hole and oozing its way towards us.  I grabbed my Mom and began to slowly move away from this evil spirit.  It continued to follow us towards a house.  When we reached the house I locked all the doors and windows.  I began to pray and try to fight this “spirit” off of me.  I had a second dream shortly after this first experience in which I saw myself in my Mom’s bed sleeping, which I was doing.  There was a black cloud filling the doorway and it started towards me.  I began to rebuke it in the name of Jesus.  As I was awaking and coming out of this dream state I actually saw the black cloud figure by the doorway for a brief second until it vanished.  I was in awe because it was really difficult to process this experience seemed surreal.  I was not sure if I saw this in person or while I was dreaming. I returned to sleep and saw myself surrounded by clouds.  I was holding a golden sword, which was still covered in its holder.  The handle was covered in rubies and other gems.  I removed the sword with my right hand and waved it around as I admired its beauty. 


Interim Dreams/Visions


I have always had dreams where I encounter some sort of demonic force and I have to fight them spiritually.  One I specifically recall is one in which  I was in a convenience store and the cashier told me to help him because he doesn’t know what these things are and they are coming after him and the customers.  I then find myself in a long hospital corridor.  Another guy asked me to help him fight off these little demons who were coming behind us and in front of us everywhere.  The best description I have of them is that they were short with horns, very demonic looking.   Similar to what many call “aliens”. As they all came towards me to attack me I was thrusting an invisible sword and beheading every single one of them.  I always seem to be in a continuous spiritual battle at least a couple times a week. 


Footsteps.  One of my many encounters is where I always hear distinct footsteps walking towards my bedroom. Even though I would be in bed asleep I am actually aware of my surroundings.  It’s almost like being paralyzed.  I can’t move but I can hear everything around me but still, I can’t move.  There have been many experiences, which begin with the footsteps.  Whenever I hear them I know that I am going to experience something.  One time I experienced the footsteps and as usual I was paralyzed.  I saw myself get up from the bed rebuking the demonic spirit throughout the house.  I used words I don’t use on a daily basis in rebuking the spirit.  Even though I couldn’t see it I could sense it but could never see it.  After that battle I sang a new song praising Jesus that I never sang or heard in my life and to this day I do not remember the words or the melody.  On another occasion I heard footsteps and I was paralyzed.  I am in the bed lying down but I still sense everything but I couldn’t move.  I thought it was my wife coming home from work early and I sensed someone walking towards my wife’s side of the bed even though I couldn’t wake up. I couldn’t seem to awake to see if it was my wife because I was paralyzed.  I felt the bed go down like an indentation on her side and I could feel something coming towards me to kiss me even though I didn’t know whether or not it was my wife.  I felt my left cheek being touched like a kiss and when it made contact I saw an image in my head of a demonic face screaming in terror.  As it screamed, the skin on its face started to dissipate like burning flesh searing away from the bone. It screamed and howled then went away.  When I was able to come out of this paralyzed state, I realized God was with me and the demonic entity was unable to get to me because I was covered with the Blood of Christ.


There have been many times and experiences in our home besides this one where my body doesn’t move but I am able to fight these entities in the spirit realm by rebuking them and claiming that I’m covered by the Blood of Christ.  I have actually walked around chanting this. 


One time I had a vision I was up in the clouds wearing a white robe and was basically floating in the clouds.  They were like red in color. What I felt was indescribable because I knew I was with God.  I could feel this beam of light coming from the heavens and it seemed to be directly aimed at the top of my head.  It was like on top of my head and I knew I was receiving knowledge about something but I was unable to determine what it was I was receiving.  I do remember feeling that whatever I would envision in my mind it could take place and the first thing I thought of was that I had white angel wings sprouting out of my back and that actually took place.  I felt so good that I wanted to stay there and not go back to my life on Earth. It felt that good.  You cannot put into words what I felt being in the presence of God and having this feeling of complete, Holy euphoria. I told God I wanted to stay and he told me I had to go back. I was acutely aware of my daughter, my wife and my mom being here on earth but the feeling was so awesome where I was I just wanted to stay there. Again, you can’t describe it no matter how hard you try you cannot fathom this feeling.   At that moment I then opened my eyes and my body was in a heavy state. My heartbeat was so low and slow to the point I thought I had truly passed on.  It was like my body was in complete relaxation …….I knew it was a true vision from God because I felt it in my soul.



This particular dream was one where I had been praying and asking God to reveal what my mission in this world would be.  As I lay in bed I could hear him speaking to me as well as I could see the words he was speaking to me.  He told me, “Armando I know what you’re capable of doing with the environment, natural disasters” the third thing he said I am still unsure of until this day.  Since then nothing else has been revealed to me in regards to that.

One of my dreams occurred during the winter season of 2006.  I was outside in my front yard and it was dark outside and something told me to look up into the sky and I saw the sky open up in the shape of an oval (similar to fireworks being shot into the sky, like in Disney World where the fireworks expand and you see oval shapes of light) surrounded by lights. The oval is illuminated.  I saw Jesus on a white horse along with his army. There was light under the horses; like a road paved in lights. As Jesus rode his horse it seemed like the light followed him and they shot across the sky onto the earth as fast as lightning.  I can see them coming towards me but they veered past me and went around me (similar to a military fly-by the jets do).


New Year’s Dream

1.1.07 early a.m.

I dreamt I was riding in a blue truck with an extended bed.  There were a lot of children in the back.  They took us to a field to relieve ourselves and I had planned with the kids that as soon as the bad guys got far enough away from the truck we will run back to the truck as fast as we can since the keys were still in it and flee.  We did it and drove off until we stopped at what I describe as a castle/church (my wife later told me it is called a cathedral).  The children were no longer with me.  Inside the Cathedral I started speaking to a Priest about the armor of God.  Not the symbolic armor but the literal armor. The priest explained to me that whoever wears the true armor of God will actually be fighting for God.  I asked God to please allow me to wear it so that I may fight for him.  The entire time the Priest and I were talking he was searching for the armor. 







I at times continue to experience fighting dark forces and also at times see myself wearing the Armor of God in gold.