Armando (11 Oct 2011)
"Possible indication of a "Feast of tabernacle Rapture"."


                      Possible indication of a "Feast of tabernacle Rapture".

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ:

Several days ago, I listened to Pastor Schneider of "Discovering the Jewish Jesus".  He is a Messianic Jew and he was preaching on the feast of Tabernacles.  He taught several things but, what stood out was the fact that the Jews were commanded to build these little structures or "Booths" outside their homes during the Feast of Tabernacles.  In them they were to dwell for a period of seven days.  During this period, the were to totally depend on the Lord.  This total dependence on the Lord was to last for seven days.  
The fact that it lasted for a period of seven, gives to me an indication that the Rapture occurs at this point.  This event then will take us into the presence of the Lord and it will last for a period of seven years. During this period, while the tribulation is taking place, we are to have a close and total dependency in the Lord.
Could the Lord be indicating to us that the Rapture will occur at the Feast of Tabernacles this year or in the near future?  Because we are nearing the end of the generation that saw the birth of Israel, this leads us to conclude that the day of the Rapture approaches.