Arliss Cooney (24 Oct 2011)
"To Lynn regarding suggestions for a Bible Study"

To Lynn regarding suggestions for a Bible Study.

My husband is a Bible teacher and for 34 years he has taught the Bible in homes, churches, and where ever they ask him or God sends him.

We have some audio teachings on our website:  Many have found these helpful in holding Bible studies in their homes or for their own personal growth in the Word.  They are very easy to follow as he goes on a line by line, verse by verse study with no church doctrines.  In other words it is just a simple, "What does the Word say?"


We are still working on it but it is a good start.  The whole New Testament is there as well as some special subject teachings.

Our testimony is there also if you wish to learn more about who we are.

Jerry was a high school teacher and counselor in California for over ten years until we received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  After that God called him to teach the Word.

Take a look at our website.  I hope you enjoy it.

Much love in Jesus,

Arliss Cooney