Arliss Cooney (19 Oct 2011)
"To:  Julie M regarding your Testimony"

Thank you Julie for sharing your experience with us.  I had been very busy these last few days and last night, Jesus woke me up and I had no particular thought but picked up my I-PAD and was looking at some of the older fivedoves letters and spotted yours of November 12th.  I opened them was and very excited as way back in 1971 I had a similar experience.

My husband had just heard about the Rapture of the Church  from some Christians and it was a new concept for us with our Catholic background.  I thought it was a little farfetched.


He had explained that when he was studying in the seminary he saw a foot note in one of the books he was studying from that the Apostles believed in a Rapture of the Church.  That was all it said.....just a foot note.


I wasn't too sure about this concept and thought I won't argue with him about it but thought, "he'll get over it and forget about it."  I then went to put my three young children (7, 5, and 4yrs.) down for the evening.  After they were tucked down, I went into our master bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. my legs were hanging over the side of the bed.  (My husband was in the study studying the Bible or doing some book work.)  I flipped open my Bible and said, "Jesus, what do you have to teach me today."We were very new in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Jesus was showing me so many new things in HIS word.


That's the last thought I had when I found myself on the middle balcony of Hearst Castle.  (It is a tourist center donated to the state by the Hearst family.  We went to see it on our honeymoon some seven years earlier.)

My husband was with me in my dream and two men with dark hair.  One was my brother and the other I didn't know.  The sky was very dark and gloomy.  I said to my husband, you continue to witness to the other man and I will witness to my brother.  We then separated a few paces. 

I said to my brother, "You have to believe the Bible as every word is true."  I then looked up and saw the double doors to the balcony were shut tight.  I knew we couldn't enter the building that way.

I told my brother that I knew the secret entrance to get in and proceeded to lead him down the stairs around to the side of the building where we saw an open door.  A very bright yellow light was shining through.  Upon entering I said, "See the prayer meeting has already started and the people are already singing.  I started to raise my hands in praise when my body became very light and buoyant.  I said to my brother that now you have to believe as the Rapture is happening.   I immediately grabbed my 5 year old daughter's hand and my 4 year old son's hand.  Jerry had our 7 year old son's hand.

With that I felt like a jet was propelling me from out of my feet  and I was soaring up, I looked at my body and saw lights coming on kind of like when you turn on a neon light.  They flickered and were turning on.  My thought was that, "...this mortal must put on immortality."  I Corinthians 15:53 

The thought came that Jesus has to be in the I looked up to see him and faintly heard, "Arliss,,,,Arliss...." 


I sat up abruptly and saw my husband standing before me calling. (apparently I had fallen backward with my feet still hanging over the edge of the bed.)  My heart was beating like 90 miles a minute.  My whole body was shaking as when I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  I felt like this is holy ground and as Jacob said in the O.T. we should build an altar here to worship the Lord.  (We didn't as it was our bed.)

I told my husband what had happened and how I had not believed him when he told me about the Rapture but that I do believe now and have ever since.  Jesus wanted us to be of one mind and one heart in our walk with HIM.  I have never doubted anything he has said since.  He doesn't doubt me either and we pray continually for God's wisdom.


I just wanted to share this with you since our experiences were so similar.  I look forward to meeting you someday in the air.


Much love in Jesus,

Arliss Cooney