A.R. (7 Oct 2011)
"MJ "A Surprising Dream" (Oct 3)  Interpretation of #'s 2 & 4??"

Greetings MJ & fellow doves,
Here is the link to view MJ's dream again:
Possible meaning of #2;
In 1963 the Bible was outlawed in the public school systems of our United States. There was an official graph presentation that was created by ?? (don't know the exact name/org) the professional/s that is/are supposed to present these statistics to; not only us - but the world. Wish I could be more specific...but someone here must know what I'm talking about. If there is such a person reading this that knows where to find it to prove this - cool. This graph showed massive, (shocking, rather) skyrocketing peaks starting either that very year of the Bible ban or the year following - going back many years in the past - up to the time of the graph's creation years after the Bible ban was enacted. The peaks were in all of the following areas (relating to children of school age):
arrests (of all kinds)
inappropriate sexual behavior
poor grade scores
car accidents
I could go on, but you all get my point I hope. When I did the math it made sense. I don't think Jesus would have said, for instance, "The world will never go back to the way it was 51 years ago", or 52 years ago and so on. I think I get it and I hope y'all do too.  :)
Thinking about what #4 may mean;
First, I am trying to imagine the mindset of (surviving) people after the rapture "...and then sudden destruction shall come upon them...", great earthquakes - at different times throughout the tribulation. If a woman had an infant needing diapers (stores empty), she might say, "what I wouldn't give for a pack of diapers". They might be like gold to her - and everyone else around! Did you see T.P., or P. T.'s, or napkins too? I loath running out of paper towels, but it will be so much harder for them. These items would be a luxury to have if you wanted to stay as clean as possible, if only for the sake of everyone's health. Whether the plastic bottles were empty or full, if you're in survivor mode these would be very valuable - water will probably be the most valuable thing you could possess and a bottle is merely a vessel to hold the precious commodity. You could say that a plastic bottle would be more valuable than gold because gold can't quench the thirst that will threaten their lives EVERY DAY! And the bottle itself can hold the water until they can find more.
Eating and in survivor mode...you're pants & hands are totally filthy disgusting so you do your best to clean your hands but you can't set the food down anywhere. So, all of a sudden you can't sit down & have a meal like you used to be able to - can't put your food down unless you want to eat some extra dirt. Can you imagine them saying something like, "I can't help you right now. Do you want me to waste this food? There's nothing to set it down on with all this volcanic dust everywhere! That last earthquake broke the last of my china plates." Sorry, I don't mean to be glib, but I have a feeling that paper plates will be like gold - you can write on them with mud if you wanted to and I'm sure there can be many more uses found for them than we, in our current luxuries, could even imagine.
So, to sum up I think we can see a sad irony here......these things we normally throw away, inexpensive "disposable", everyday items (as opposed to our current luxuries that now cost a lot of money but will be useless in this scenario) have now become things of luxury, and valuable to have.
As for #3....Jesus is the King of reporters, tells it like it is. He gives us the real news, the good news first, and the truth ALWAYS!!
This one, I want to say spot on. This one though.....doesn't surprise me.
Last but not least....#1   This did something to my heart. There's something to this one. Let's try to see the heart of God here, yes, but please also LOOK at His magnificent holiness, His purity....    We, as Christians, can look at things we've done in the past, and have regrets too (even angst) - but yes, righteous, humble regret for our own sins!   HE HAS NO SIN in his regret! He is our blameless savior, and here he is hurting. So, it hurts my heart.
When I considered these things and then took another look at your dream......WOW, what a profound, telling dream you had!
AR (1w8ngdove)