A.R. (7 Oct 2011)
"Finding the STARGATE at Elijah's cave"

Greetings sweet doves,
My other post from today shows the beginning of my correspondence with Steve Quayle about an anomaly found (within the MANY frames at 6:19) on a video, submitted by another dove days ago.
I literally stumbled upon this phenomenon - don't know if it should be called a stargate, portal, interdimensional portal/window, but it's truly amazing. The film itself is so precious...important info for Israel, for the Christian and Jewish Communities. But, unbeknownst to the videographer, uploader, et al, involved....a portal of some sort was "accidentally" captured! There are heavenly things seen inside Elijah's cave and familiar and creepy looking things lurking outside the cave. Please see my letter to Steve Quayle, (my other post from today) to get more details.
Since I don't know yet how to created a video with the capture at 6:19, I am hoping someone here will take this on. (It can take many tries before finding the sweet spot - remember, there are MANY frames within 6:19). Can you imagine how hugely popular this prospective video could be? My equipment is very antiquated - I'm sure that even if I could learn quickly how to make my own video of this phenom, the resolution is likely going to be better/clearer if someone else with better equipment creates the video. So, I'm delegating...stepping down. Someone with the skill to do this, please step up! Once you find it - please keep trying, don't give up - there's an immediate reaction "How can this be?". When you see this for yourself, it will motivate you to.....GET 'ER DONE!!!!!!!!!!
I'm getting responses publicly and privately from people that "finally" found the sweet spot. They're truly amazed and are begging me for more info...hence my letter to the expert on this, Steve Quayle. Please read my comments on the YouTube site for this video (on pages 2 & 3 now - link to this video at my other post on doves today).
Alein (AR), (1w8ngdove)