A.R. (7 Oct 2011)
"My letter to Steve Quayle; STARGATE FOUND!!!!??"

The title of this YouTube video; "This secret footage took my BREATH AWAY! - Smuggled out at GREAT RISK!!!", uploaded 11/12/08....
leaves most of us guessing about it's content, but you MAY have seen it already (likely that is)...about the proof of where the "real" Mt. Sinai is; Saudi Arabia. The Saudi's have cyclone fences up around the area. Forbidden zone...and this one family got in & was able to film the ancient site. I had seen it before, close to when it first uploaded, but wanted to see it again.
The film is very revealing. In fact, I appreciated the footage & information about the cleft in the huge rock where the massive amount of WATER gushed from the granite; creating a fingerprint of it's once thriving existence in that dry, barren land, as well as it's path. I will be correcting my own bible maps this time around - the actual path that Israel took is finally, here revealed to be different from what for years has been their assumed route, which most (if not all) of today's bible maps present to us. Keeping in mind the enormity of this precious NEW bit of information about ancient Israel, and given the educational nature of this film, it seems contradictory that anything "false" or even evil in nature would be "edited" into it's content! Also, it's very difficult to find as I explain further below....
The important part: Elijah's cave entrance is "coming up" and as the film crew get closer to the entrance, I stop the video because I know I saw a grey alien! But I saw the alien only seconds before this "portal" event at 6:19 and NEVER WENT BACK to check the frame location of this alien due to the fact that I literally stumbled onto something MUCH better just seconds ahead of it! (For one, a clear picture of... the very ET most people would immediately recognize).
AT EXACTLY 6:19 (when paused in the "sweet spot", I had to try many, many times) there is a look into another dimension, (maybe). It's surely supernatural, but I've never heard of any of this before.
You don't know me, but I promise you I'm just a normal person. Well, I take that back...I'm a Jesus freak, but...it takes our willingness and effort every day to be "the real kind" in my opinion. Anyway, is this a STARGATE? TIME PORTAL? I hope your computer is better than mine, your monitor bigger and that you can access and move back & forth between those many frames per second, because I sure wish I could! To pull it up a second time just to get all of the figures in focus was not easy. Please read my comments below this video when you get there - my four initial, sequential posts on it today, (whoops!...now yesterday by the time this hits your box). These comments will be your guide for a walkthrough of ONLY the main characters in this huge collage of figures and beings....that are NOT simply figments of my imagination. 
When you see the things/spirits I'm talking about - this goes FAR BEYOND INKBLOT "stretching" - then please contact me to let me know if you think this is a portal of some sort. And, should you be fortunate enough to see this like I can, it would be fun to hear from YOU about what else you see in and around Elijah's cave. I only listed what should be obviously seen. There are more surprises and possible discovery and understanding with some Christian interpretations that I'm willing to throw out there for discussion.
You'll see wicked looking "spirits", some appearing as sudo-modern demonic icons; (ET, Flying Saucer, etc.), around the outside of the cave, while inside LOOKS LIKE PARADISE with lots of children in brilliantly colored clothing, a horse in a green pasture, a Jack Russell terrior.....
I am a Christian and would like your expertise on this. For instance, I can't access where it came from originally. Maybe later, either you or someone you know can access the original, but really - there's NO NEED!!!! If I can pull this up on my primitive equipment, more than most must be able to capture this, better even. I promise you....
So, in summary, simply view my comments for the walk through...then pause the video (again and again if necessary) at 6:19........THIS WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!!
Alein (1w8ngdove)
Thought for the day....Before you twitter, know what to tweet. If your tweet be bitter, twitter no peep.   Speaking of peeping......
Scripture for the day....ISAIAH 10:14  And my hand hath found as a nest the riches of the people: and as one gathereth eggs that are left, have I gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped.   (Boasting of "the Assyrian" - "the rod of God's anger", sent against "the hypocrytical nation").
(We had but a few eggs left in our little NEST of riches (our little USA "nest egg") and he wants not only the few remaining eggs that we have left, but wants the world (order) on top of it).
Why am I the only Christian I know that believes this speaks of O'? After all, just one chapter before this one speaks of 9/11 and the harbingers...Isaiah. 9:10, + 9:11, recalling the politicians' unfortunate use of scripture over this trajedy throughout the years following.