Anon (11 Oct 2011)
"Extra oil. R U Interested?"


You shall not approach a woman to have sexual relations while she is in her customary impurity. Lev 18:19. Every time I got my period, the HS would quote Lev. 18:19 to me over and over again. This went on for months so finally I said," HS what are you showing me?" This is what he said ------- it's amazing and it will blow your mind. The moon is on a 28 day cycle just like a woman's cycle. But seriously, watch how this plays out. According to Lev. 18:19, Jesus cannot "approach" his bride while she is bleeding. Now during the first week, a woman is fine. Then during the second week, she ovulates. Then during the third week she may still be ovulating. But the 4th week she bleeds. Now knowing this.................we can look at the lunar cycle and draw parallels. During the new moon, the bride is fine. During the quarter moon & full moon, the bride is ovulating, etc. During the final crescent, the bride is bleeding. Oh this is so cool. So knowing all this we can make some wise observations. Who would have believed that Lev 18:19 would tell us the timing of the rapture? 

1) Jesus cannot get his bride during the final week of the lunar cycle because the bride is bleeding. This eliminates week 4 of the lunar cycle as a possibility for the rapture. 

2) Now if Jesus is going to get his bride pregnant with tribulational "birth pains" then he wants to consummate with her around ovulation time (weeks 2 & 3). This is the full moon when the egg is available. 

3) But in order for Jesus to consummate around week 2 or 3 he would already have gotten his bride by that point because Jewish couples always consummate for 7 days. This eliminates week 3 and possibly week 2. 

4) So now we are left with only weeks 1 and possibly week 2. God told Noah "for yet 7 more days and I will cause it to rain." So assuming that Jesus will get his bride and consummate for 7 days that could possibly eliminate week 2 meaning:

5) Jesus would want to get his bride during week 1 --------- the "New Moon."



Signs in the Earth

Most people haven’t noticed but we’ve had an earthquake pregnancy for the last 2 years. 2010 was for the pregnancy and 2011 was for the labor and delivery. Let me explain. In February 2010, we had a major earthquake (EQ) in Concepcion”, Chile. That was the “conception”. Pretty obvious right? Well Daniel divided the last 6 years into 2 halves. The first half is 42 months while the second half is 43 months. A typical full-term pregnancy is 42 weeks so let’s draw this parallel to our EQ baby. In 2010 we had 42 weeks of pregnancy that started on Feb. 27 and ended on Dec. 11, 2010. You can go back and look at all the major EQs and the Gulf oil spill in April 2010 and you can see all three trimesters of the pregnancy. So once the pregnancy ended on December 11, 2010, the labor and delivery began. So we have this EQ woman in labor. Ten days after labor starts, she loses her mucous plug on December 21, 2010. The mucous plug is also called the “bloody” show. On Dec. 21, 2010 we had a “blood” moon or lunar eclipse. We also had a 7.4 EQ in Bonin, Japan. A Bonin plug is a plug used in nuclear power plants to stop radiation leakage in the case of a seismic event. What happened in Japan? Now watch this. The EQ woman has about 10 ½ months of labor and deliver and a woman must dilate 10cm for the baby to be born. So that comes out to be about 1 cm of dilation for every 30 days of labor pains. So let’s start at Dec. 11th and add 30 days. That comes to Jan. 10th, 2011 which is the 1-year anniversary of the Haiti EQ in 2010. Our EQ woman is now 1 cm dilated. Add 30 days and get Feb. 9th, my B-Day and the EQ woman is now 2 cm dilated. Following this pattern we get March 11 which is the Japan EQ that caused a devastating tsunami. The EQ woman is now 3 cm dilated and her water just broke. Now continuing this pattern, we get April 6th, May10th, June 9th, July 10th, August 9th (9th of Av), Sept. 8th, and finally on Oct. 8th, 2011 our EQ woman is now 10 cm dilated and can start pushing. We knew that Feast of Trumpets is called the “coronation of the king” and that the baby’s head was crowning. But there’s a problem. 10 cm is never enough to get the baby out. The baby’s head always get stuck so 1 of 2 things must happen. Either the woman’s cervix will rip or she will have the doctor “cut” her cervix. This is called the episiotomy. So on Oct. 8th, Day of Atonement, the baby’s head got stuck and the woman needs an episiotomy. Look at Lev. 23:29. It says “afflict your soul” or be “cut” off. The afflicted soul (mind) is a parallel to the baby’s head being stuck. Being “cut” off is a parallel to the episiotomy. Keep in mind that the prophecies were written for our day and time. That’s why God told Daniel to seal up the prophecies until the end when we could understand them. Revelation 2:10 tells us that it will take 10 days to deliver that baby b/c it says if you endure the 10 days of pushing, Jesus will give you the “crown” of life (the baby will come out). Ten days after Atonement is Oct. 18th. Now watch this. Here’s where the wise virgins and the extra oil comes in. After the episiotomy, the woman keeps pushing. Jesus’ real B-Day is the first day of Tabernacles. So we have this EQ baby being born on Jesus’ real B-Day. On the 8th day after birth, which is the day after the Feast of Tabernacles, this baby is circumcised. That circumcision is a parallel to the cutting of the umbilical cord. This cutting of the cord is when God turns Jesus loose and says, “Son, go get your bride.” But here’s the part that everybody is missing. Here’s the extra oil. The EQ baby = Jesus. The cord = HS. The Placenta (after-birth, re-birth, being born-again) = Bride. Everybody is waiting for the EQ baby to be born but nobody is looking at the after birth. This after-birth or re-birth (bride) is so full of blood and water (OMG!) that the EQ woman cannot push it out on her own. So on the next contraction, the doctor has to grab the HS (cord) and “snatch” that re-birth out of the woman. Only he who now lets, will let, until he be taken out of the way. It’s the snatching of the after-birth (second birth) that represents the rapture. So the question now becomes, when is the next contraction after the birth of the Jesus EQ baby? Well, there are 5 things to consider.


1)      In the parable of the 10 virgins, Jesus told us he would tarry. A study of the word “tarry” will lead to Daniel 10:13 where the angel was delayed for 21 days. So if Jesus tarries for 21 days that brings us to Oct. 18 (EQ baby’s birth). All 3 fall feasts total 21 days. But there’s a problem b/c the week of Oct. 19 – 25 is the 4th week of the lunar cycle and the bride is having a menstrual cycle so Jesus can’t come. We must wait “for yet 7 more days” until Oct. 26th. This appears to be the first possible rapture date for 2011.

2)      Daniel told us in 12:11 that the entire 7 year finale had been pushed back by 30 days. Hence the 12(90) and not 12(60). Well, 30 days after Feast of Trumpets is Oct. 26th, 2011.


3)      All EQs above 7.0 since Dec 11, 2010 have formed a pattern just like contractions during delivery. Our EQ woman has been following a weird pattern. She’s been having 7.0 or greater EQs and then a moment of silence. EQs then silence, EQs then silence just like contractions. Here’s what I’ve found. Those silent spaces of time are following the pattern of 14, 42, 14, 42, 14. On Sept 15, 2011 our EQ woman had her last 7.0 or greater EQ. Following the pattern above, she is scheduled for 42 days of silence. 42 days from Sept 15, is Oct. 26th.  


4)      Jesus said “For in such a time as you think NOT the son of man cometh.”


5)      Part of the punishment during the tribulation is that the Anti-christ will seek to change times and seasons. He hopes to accomplish that by hindering Jesus for 21 days. Nothing on the calendars is going to match up after the rapture.