Angie Wall (31 Oct 2011)
"To Ron Reese: Why 11-11-11 does not fit"

Hello Ron
I read your post about Noah and the 40 day connection to 11-11-11.  You make some excellent points but your Rosh Hashanah (starting) date of 9-26-2011 is not correct.  I believe this because:
1.  the new moon cycle has to be seen in Jerusalem according to the Old Testament and by two witnesses.  According to Karaite Korner, the Jerusalem new moon was not spotted on Wed 9-28-11 because of limited sunset to moonset time.  The new moon was spotted in Jerusalem by two witnesess on 9-29-2011.  The count is a 2 day count because of tradition of "announcing" the new moon could occur when Jews were sleeping so they observe an extra day to cover a full time period.
2.  the Revelation 12 woman is the KEY to our understanding.  On 9-26-11 according to Stellarium, the moon is at the woman's head and the sun at her shoulders.  It is not UNTIL 9-29-11 we get the alignment to begin our "watch" with the moon at her feet and the sun clothing her.
Hope you are blessed today and hope to meet you soon.