Angie Wall (20 Oct 2011)
"Revelation 12 signs"

Glory to God Doves!
  Hey guys, I had a nagging little question today and when I started to seek the Lord for the answer, He unraveled even more of this "mystery" to me.
Here is the question:  How can the rapture occur October 21 when the baby has not been birthed yet?
Revelation 12 clearly says that the dragon stood to devour the child as soon as it was born.  We have not seen the stars flung and the child has not been born yet.
According to what I believe, November 9th, may bring the flinging with YU.55.  If this is an actual sight to see, which I believe it is, this would explain the FEMA schedule for airwaves.  Also, there would be 21 days left from this point to the time I feel we need to watch for rapture, 12-1-11 or 12-2-11.  This would fit the vision of the man who saw a 21 on an object in the sky and said there would be power outages and people hiding until he saw the rapture occur.
If we go back to the initial "sign", it was the woman clothed in the heavens and she was carrying two children in her womb, Venus and Saturn.  Venus is born first (the bright morning star) and will rule with a rod of iron.  Also, according to what I read, Saturn is scheduled to be birthed 11-11-11.  Alot of people call this the dragon but I have read other views that say Saturn is also known as the Lord of the Sabbath.
I do not know enough astrology to debate anyone on this, but, guys, if Saturn is the Lord of the Sabbath, that would be "our baby" we are waiting to deliver!
On stellarium, the head of Saturn appears 11-9-11 out of Virgo and is fully birthed 11-11 with Elenin under the baby but blacked out by Google Sky!
Just wanted to share these thoughts.  Blessings!