Angie Wall (13 Oct 2011)
"Little Somethings..."

Hello John (again) Blessings!
I told the Lord if He gave me anything else to share with you and the doves, I would join the site.  I may have overlooked it, but I don't see a join button.  I know I am joined to you guys in the spirit though.Smile
This is what I am told to share.  First the Lord said, "little somethings make big everythings".
Let me back up a bit.  Just a few hours ago, I sent my second email about the timeframe of Noah's flood to end time.  Once I sent it, the joy of the Lord just flooded me.  I was meditating on the Lord and asking Him to confirm what I had sent to you guys.  However, I told Him I was content to just trust that I knew all of my last post- Houston we have a schedule change, came from Him.
As I was enjoying the joy of the Spirit, I heard Him say, "count the days from your warning dream to the departure date".  I said, "hum, ok, that might be interesting."  Just to remind folks about the warning dream, I prayed 4-30-11 about a ministry call on my life and got a warning dream 5-5-11.  The dream is posted under my first email Press In.
Anyway, I got the calculator out and started adding from 5-5-11 until 12-1-11 and it was 210 days!  Wow, ok, drop the 0 and it is my 21 number I feel so strongly about. 
Then I heard the Spirit say, "go ahead, check the other date", so I started from 4-30-11 to 12-1-11 and got to  215.  I replied to the Spirit, "8!"       2+1+5
That's when I heard the Lord say, "little somethings make big everythings".
And the Lord said let a thing be established by 2-3 witnesses!
He's near, even at the door!!!!!!!!    Red heart