Angie (8 Oct 2011)
"Press In!"

John and 5Doves:
I was in prayer about a call on my life into the ministry.  I went to a function on 4-30-11 and prayed with a man of God there about this call.  He asked for God to specifically and undoubtly show me the call on my life.  Five days later on 5-5-11, I dreamed that I was gazing into space just thinking about Jesus (which I often do) and He appeared in front of me.  In my dream I thought, "oh, how cool, Jesus."  Then I realized it was REALLY Jesus and I thought "oh my! Jesus!!".  He was floating in the air about 10 feet high and was wearing a white robe/gown.  His eyes were not flames of fire but were bluish/white.  He looked at me in my dream and called me a name that I knew was how He saw my heart.  It was not a real name but a name of my character.  Then He said, "Go, tell them I am coming soon".  In my dream, I took off running down a straight road yelling, "He's coming, He's coming, Jesus is coming".  I want to be obedient to the Lord and "tell" this to all.
I also want to add a thought.  I am not nearly as wise as many (any) of you; however, I gobble up the information on the 5doves site and let the Holy Spirit sort it.  In response to the 10-7-11 video from 9Nania and Genesis 8, Noah went into the ark and stayed 40 days.  I read an article by Elliott Hong that said he believed that Yom Kippur, Oct 7, could bring the end of the 40 days allowed for repentance. Compare this to the 40 days of Noah in the ark.
After the 40 days, Noah opened the window and sent out a dove but she found no rest for her foot.  So, Noah waited 7 days. The Bible says that Noah stayed another 7 days.  The Hebrew word stayed is chuwl and means to twist or whirl especially of parturition which is what we as the body are doing right now as the many earthy signs indicate.  Interestingly though, Noah sent the dove out the second time and she came back with an olive branch.  Noah stayed another 7 days.  This Hebrew word stayed is yachal and means to be patient and hope.  If, the 40 days end on Yom Kippur, then maybe according to the pattern in Genesis, we have a 14 day wait?  One period of parturition and another of patient hoping.  This might explain how the Rev 12 account allows for the travailing woman to see the stars being flung to the earth (Oct 8) which is to happen right before her child is taken up.  Rev 12:4-5
The date 14 days after Yom Kippur is October 21 and is an interesting day also.  It is known as the Rejoicing in the Torah or Simhat Torah and is the happiest day in the Jewish calendar.  If our rapture took place on this day, it really would be the happiest day for us!  The last point is this.  There was a man that posted on here that saw a vision with the number 21 on a football shaped object.  Maybe he was seeing the date of the Rejoicing, October 21st.  I was curious to see what the date of the NFL football season started for 2011.  It was Sept 8th.  If you add 21 days to this date, it comes to Rosh Hashanah.  Mean anything?  Your guess is probably better than mine!
Let us all be patient as we anxiously await our Lord!  Be encouraged, Grace and Peace to all.